Wonderful Nature Relaxing in The Exbury Gardens

Autumn is the perfect time of year for travel because of lower, but at the same time high temperatures will allow long walks and visiting beautiful places. It is obvious that opportunity like it would be prevented from hellish temperatures in summer or from the extremely low temperatures during the winter. Precisely because of that, autumn is magical and offers a huge range of landscapes and cities that you can visit and enjoy nature. We present you English Exbury Gardens as a place that is especially wonderful during the autumn.

Exbury Gardens offers a huge range of colors especially in the spring season. However, with the arrival of autumn full range of colors gets a golden shade and special magic.

The famous English Exbury Gardens belong in the group of the best gardens in the world. It is simply impossible your attention to be not attracted to this heavenly beauty. Exbury Gardens covers an area of approximately 200 hectares and the distance from London is only two hours. In 2001 was declared as the “Garden of the Year”. In these gardens you can found world famous azaleia, camellias, rare trees and shrubs. You will be surprised to hear that there is a collection of over ten thousand species of flowering plants, especially in May or June when the garden reaches its culmination.

Exbury Gardens are truly perfect place for relaxation and tranquility of your mind. Many visitors come to see the steam railway in the garden which is like an additional attraction. You get 20 minute of enjoying, traveling the garden with a steam train. You will also be nicely surprised from the wildlife in the Exbury Gardens such as squirrels, deer, roe deer, and rabbits that together with plant life creates a perfect blend of nature in one place.

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