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Wondering if Your Pool is as Safe as it Can Be? 3 Simple Ways Whole Family Can Safely Enjoy the Pool

During the warm, lazy days of summer, sitting by the pool with the family, enjoying the sun and refreshing dips in the water, we do not want anything to turn our fun in the sun into a dark day. It indeed is a straightforward thing to put in place some measures that will keep our pools a low-risk setting in which the entire family will have a great time. Here are three ways to stay safe poolside.

Fence or Railing

If the view around your pool is central to your backyard, then cable railing kits are an excellent option. Cable railings not only meet safety codes but simultaneously help conserve the landscape. Made with thinner construction when compared to wood or metal pickets, a cable railing offers a transparent barricade. Picket fencing is increasingly outmoded, with technology refining fencing and railing. With an attractive, durable and easy to maintain design, cable railing is continuing to become the choice in remodeling for homeowners.

Ensure the fence and railings surround the entire pool with a self-latching gate. Attempt to prevent the pool access from opening directly from the house, and consider a gate alarm to notify your when the gate opens.


There are several benefits to installing a pool cover. The hassles of pool maintenance will significantly decrease with a pool cover. Vacuuming will be required less and necessitate a smaller amount of time. Yard debris, dead bugs, and litter will get less swim time than you with a cover.

Swimming pool covers created with durable fiberglass meshing will undoubtedly prevent just about anyone from slipping into the pool. They must be connected as well as fitted correctly. Many fiberglass mesh covers can withstand up to four hundred pounds but will unquestionably require a track system. Tarps and solar covers will not offer any protection so do not purchase one for safety purposes.

Pool Safety Equipment

A Life Ring

These rings are on the beach front and at community pools. Primarily a circular item made from a hard plastic or foam material, you can use them to throw out to a person having difficulty in the pool. Once the person has a hold on the life ring, pull them to the poolside and assist them out. Always ensure there is a rope attached to the ring so that you can pull them out.

Shepard’s Hook

A Shepard’s Hook is a pole with a metal loop at one end, shaped like a hook. If someone is sinking in the pool, a Shepard’s Hook can extend out, wrap the hook around the person, and then pull them safely to the poolside.

PFDs or Life Jackets

Have a PFD, also known as a Life Jacket, for any children who cannot swim. Having a non-swimmer in a PFD does not mean you can leave them unattended. Look for the U.S. Coast Guard approval on the label.

First Aid Kit and Phone

The last items in your pool safety equipment list are a First Aid Kit and a phone that can be kept nearby while out in the sun.

All of these safety items are very low-cost and important to have nearby in case of an emergency in the pool. An excellent way for the family to enjoy time together is in the backyard swimming pool. However, above all else, safety must come first! Do not fret, being safe need not detract from your pool’s aesthetics. A swimming pool provides hours of fun but can also be hazardous if not kept properly. Young or old, make water safety and pool maintenance a priority and mandatory. Have the family learn to swim, keep an eye on those in the pool, and ensure your pool is appropriately outfitted and maintained. Doing so will guarantee a summer of endless entertainment.

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