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World 7 Hotels Where Your Pets Are Welcomed

Many hotels do not allow to bring your pets with you. For some people family trip is not entirely without their pets. But, exactly these 7 hotels with open doors await you and your pets. So instead of thinking where you can leave your sweetie and whether has it good care, these hotels offer you first class service for spoiling and nurturing your pet.

1. ME Cabo (Cabo San Lucas) – Mexico

This Mexican hotel is known for its wonderful service and care for the guests, but your dog also is no exception. Each room has separate beds, toys and gels for bathing your dog.

2. Hotel De L’Europe – Amsterdam

If you are traveling to Amsterdam, take your pet. This hotel has a dedicated staff intended for storing, walking, feeding and care of pets.

3. Hotel Keppler – Paris

Maybe you seems impossible, hotel with such exquisitely arrangement to accept pets, but you are wrong. Travel to Paris and spend time with your dog at this hotel. The only thing you need to do is to call and say the name of your pet. At same second you will be welcomed with a special staff for your dog.

4. Claska Hotel – Tokyo

You will not be the only one who have returned fresh and energized from this hotel. Hotel Claska possesses even a special spa for dogs called Dogman, specializes for fully enjoyment for your pet.

5. Taj Boston Hotel – Boston

This hotel is completely designed for your pets. There you can find everything, from culinary desserts to special beds for dogs. Even the gatekeepers of hotel in pockets hold food for dogs.

6. Soho Grand Hotel – New York

Small urban hotels in New York can be really bad experience if take pets, but it is not the case with Soho Grand Hotel. What is great about this hotel is that owns a mini park situated next to the hotel. The park also has a variety of entertainment in which you will enjoy with your dog.

7. The Arch Hotel – London

In this hotel there is a special menu for dogs. It tells you that this place is a real home for your pet. Also there is a separate chef who prepares food only for pets.

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