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Shibam is the pre-eminent and oldest example of sixteenth century urban settlement and that is why it is configured as “Manhattan of the desert”. It is the most accomplished example of traditional Hadrami urban architecture. The structure of it’s streets and buildings are wonderful . In 1532 it faced a disconsolate phenomenon, a flood which destroyed many of it’s constructions though some buildings were preserved and restored skilfully. Grand Mosque is one of the best examples of this which is totally built with clay. Things you should know about Shibam

Shibam is an ancient place in Yemen with an extraordinary beauty and peace. That is why it has been registered as a momentum of cultural heritage and one of the safest place for tourist until it’s become 2000 by UNESCO.

Shibam is an inexpedient place to live as it is encrusted by desert plateaus. But still 7000 residents are staying there in about 500 ancient buildings which have 5 to 11 floors.

According to history this small town was created by God and lots of interesting stories can be heard from the residents about it.

A lesser known beautiful tourist destination in France:

People are always get attracted with the beauty of a place. A lesser know but exceptionally beautiful place is Provence in France where you can experience the magical smell of lavender. Provence is an unprecedented romantic place, which is full of narrow paths surrounded with violet Provence.

If you want to see an amazing well preserved art of architecture you should visit Pont d’Avignon, a city in Provence.

You can also check out Marseille City, which is full of Provencal products.

A heavenly beauty can be experienced in the south of France, which is surrounded with Maritime Alps, Mediterranean sea and the valley of Rhone rivers.

In summer it’s too hot so Spring is the best time to visit this place when you can experience the relaxing smell of lavender utterly.

Croatian capital Zagreb, a rich cultural heritage:

Croatian capital Zagreb is the perfect blend of modern and traditional lifestyle of Central Europe with distinctive natural beauty. Zagreb is situated at the base of the mountain Madvednica and by the beautiful river Sava with a strong economic and business system but yet to be explored. For it’s strong economic system, visitors like to visit this this place frequently.

People here lead modern lifestyle though it depicts a rich cultural value. Zagreb is full with narrow roads and parks, which is delineated by Austria-Hungarian architecture. In Zagreb you can see a breath taking natural beauty with beautiful greenery, exceptionally created parks and landscapes, traditional buildings etc. St Mark’s Cathedral Church or Stone gate can be seen in the upside of the town.

Zagreb is known for entertainment and relaxation in cafes for hours. So, if you are want to fly UP with entertainment, go for Lauba, an excellent place for learning and entertainment. You should also visit the Museum of Broken Relationships. The concept is to represent the relationship , which has failed to survive.

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