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Yahn Bruggeman Shares the Top 8 Reasons Why People Move to Los Angeles to Achieve Their Dreams

Ever since the rise of Hollywood in the 1920s and 30s, Los Angeles has been known as one of the world’s greatest places to make a name for yourself. Boasting nearly perfect weather, amazing cultural opportunities, great food, and well-paying jobs, the draw of Los Angeles is clear.

Yahn Bruggeman, a native of the Los Angeles, CA area, shares the 8 reasons why people move to the city to achieve their dreams and the benefits of living in such a large, cosmopolitan city.

1. The Entertainment Industry

One of the biggest reasons for young people from all over the world packing their bags to move to Los Angeles is the entertainment industry. The American film, television, and music industries all make their home in L.A.

While only a small number of hopefuls will achieve true stardom, there are thousands upon thousands of opportunities to work in the industry, including writing, acting as an extra, and behind-the-scenes support positions like makeup artists and camera operators.

Many young people choose to move to Los Angeles and work in an ordinary job like waiting tables while anticipating their “big break.” If you eat lunch in a Los Angeles restaurant, remember your server’s face because you may later see them on television or in the movies.

2. The Job Market

Los Angeles has a thriving job market even outside the entertainment industry. Aerospace, defense, biosciences, education, digital media, creative design, food manufacturing, logistics, and hospitality are the key industries that employ most Los Angeles residents. People commute from all over Southern California to work in Los Angeles. Many people from across the country and around the world are drawn in by the employment opportunities found there.

3. World-Class Education

The Los Angeles area has many world-class institutions of higher education. Both state and private schools have impressive records and talented student bodies. The University of Southern California, UCLA, Cal Tech, Loyola Marymount, Pomona College, and Pepperdine University are only a few representatives of the best colleges in the Los Angeles area.

4. The Vibrant Arts Scene

Los Angeles has one of the country’s most active arts scenes, including galleries, museums, concerts, plays, and exhibitions can be found weekly. Prestigious institutions like the Getty Museum and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art are open to the public daily.

No matter what kind of concert you want to see, chances are that you will be able to find it in Los Angeles. Classical, rock, blues, hip-hop, and jazz concerts are just a few examples of musical events you can attend in L.A.

Famous actors enjoy performing in stage plays in the Los Angeles area. This can be a fun way to see a different side of your favorite actors.

The L.A. Philharmonic and other classical music groups play regularly in Los Angeles, contributing to the city’s world-class culture.

5. The Global Food Scene

Los Angeles is known as one of the top “foodie” destinations in the country. Yahn Bruggeman recommends visiting Los Angeles to enjoy the different available food options. An amazingly diverse food scene keeps residents and tourists happy. Communities with people of Asian ancestry have especially made a name for themselves in Los Angeles cuisine. In L.A., Korean, Chinese, and Japanese food is known as the best in the United States. Close proximity to Mexico also means that many truly authentic restaurants go beyond serving burritos and tacos.

The food truck scene is big in Los Angeles, and it is possible to follow your favorite food trucks on social media and track them around the city whenever you need a delicious quick meal. Strong communities have built up around the food trucks, and many chefs from food trucks have become famous in the culinary world.

6. The Diverse Community

Los Angeles is a diverse community with many ethnic groups. Hispanic, Asian and African-American communities are all prominent in L.A. Growing up in a diverse area gives young people a better sense of perspective on the country and its challenges. The various contributions of different cultures to Los Angeles are publicly recognized.

7. The Climate

No discussion of moving to Los Angeles should leave out the balmy climate. Los Angeles enjoys a Mediterranean climate where the temperature remains clement most of the year. There is little rain and almost no humidity. There are tradeoffs for experiencing such beautiful weather most of the year, which come in mudslides and earthquakes, but these are relatively rare.

8. The Ability to Reinvent Yourself

In L.A., it is possible to reinvent yourself. This is one of the major draws that bring people of all ages to the city. Understanding why L.A. is special and how it can transform your life may help you decide to move there yourself. If you are looking for a new opportunity far beyond what you could find anywhere else in the United States, look into moving to Los Angeles, California.

Moving to Los Angeles

Yahn Bruggeman recommends that people from other parts of the country who have found few opportunities consider moving to Los Angeles. There are many opportunities in the city and the surrounding area, and the quality of life is incredible.

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