Your next summer destination: Portofino, Italy

Now is the time to get away from everyday life and enjoy the beauty of the sweet life , or as they would say “dolce vita!” Less than 40km from Genoa , Portofino is hidden in the national park with incredibly clear water . Ever true to a fishing village , but in 1950 began its popularization .

Today , Portofino is the Italian synonym for glamor , filled with luxury villas owned by Armani and Dolce & Gabbana . Just before the summer do not miss to visit the Italian natural pearl , because in peak season prices rocketed high. Once travel there , you can vis former fishing shacks that are now converted to exclusive boutiques , but must also departed in water after sunset .Do not be lazy , Walk through beautiful gardens , and do not miss a visit to San Fruttuoso, to which you can reach by boat or on foot. Here you will find a church that dates back to the 7th century and will have an excellent opportunity for a tasty lunch on the terrace of the restaurant “Da Giovanni.”

Below you can see 8 awesome photos of Portofino that will take your breath away.

Image by Simone Zucchelli via Flickr

Image by Rosemary Dukelow via Flickr

Image by luigi alesi via Flickr

Image by luigi alesi via Flickr

Image by Artur Staszewski via Flickr

Image by Antonio Cinotti via Flickr

Image by Gustavo Ampelio di Borgogna via Flickr

Image by Andrea Puggioni via Flickr

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