Zlatni Rat – The Most Beautiful Beach in Croatia

“Zlatni rat” is one of the most spectacular beach in Croatia. This beach with golden sand is about 530 meters long and Interesting for her is that it depending on the wind and сea currents changes his form and its position. This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

It is located south of the croatian island of Brac, near Bol, and over the years she became one of the favorite tourist spots in the whole region. “Zlatni rat” offers a large number of water sports, from skiing to water, diving, driving the banana, as well as flying with a parachute.

We are at the middle of the summer. If you still don’t know where you want to spent your summer vacation, we suggest to you to go in Croatia on “Zlatni rat” beach. There you can enjoy in the crystal clear water, amazing landscapes, delicious traditional food and a lot of another interesting things. Below you can see some awesome photos from there, that will gonna make you to go there and enjoy in the summer.

Image by Dario via Flickr

Image by Peter Gasston via Flickr

Image by Szabolcs Emich via Flickr

Image by Alex via Flickr

Image by Sebastian Bergmann via Flickr

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