Zrce, The Balkan Ibiza

After months without a break of working, studying or doing another activities, it is high time we all went to Zrce and check why it is knocking down the already most famous party island in Europe, Ibiza. It has increased its popularity over the years since people all over the world became more and more interested in the parties that are happening over there. As a filming location of the popular TV show Game of Thrones, Zrce has been attracting lots of visitors leaving them speechless.

The young people worldwide proclaimed it as the top one party destination recently, especially highly recommended for the party-goers. World’s most famous DJs soak the atmosphere belting out the latest tunes. The beach parties have no end. You easily get disconnected from the rest of the world, live the moment partying, meeting young people from all over the world, making unforgettable memories willing never to leave. This is what made Croatia an ‘in’ place to spend your summer break and talk about it until you repeat the experience.

The island of Pag is where you’ll find Zrce Beach in the Northern Adriatic Sea which is actually the main place of all the happenings. It is actually the five-largest island of the Croatian coast but it’s the one that has the longest coastline. In the very center of all the fun you can easily find the most famous night club called NOA. This spectacular place has as much as five bars, a central pool, numerous dance floors and a lots of young people who came here mainly for this. Not that it’s just famous for the parties but for its beauty as well. However, if you don’t feel like partying hard, there are quieter beaches as well. Novalija is the place where you can have a rest and enjoy your summer holiday away from the non-stop parties yet enjoy the landscape and the perfect weather.

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