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Discover The True Soul Of Obidos

Old charm, cobblestone pavements, friendly hosts, preserved buildings and an interesting mix of architectural styles are things that offering European villages. They are developed gradually, but yet preserved one thing that is familiar just for those… Read More


Ireland’s Most Famous Peninsulas

Ireland is a wonderful country to visit. There are so many great opportunities available for practically all the traveller types. However, most of the country is relatively unknown. In fact, most do not even know that… Read More


Trier – The Oldest City In Germany

It is easy to define one city, especially contemporary. Almost all have the same attributes, well known to all. But, how would you define the oldest cities in the world? What an old city should have… Read More


5 Spanish Winter Walking Holidays

Whether you’re desperate to top up on vitamin D, make a head start on your New Year’s resolution to stay fit, or escape the post-Christmas winter woes, Spain has a wealth of walking holidays that make… Read More

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