Deciding to climb a mountain can be both exciting and daunting, but ensuring you are prepared can make the whole journey much easier. Here are some of the things you need to bring up with you when you are on your next climb.

Warm Windproof Trousers

Investing in some proper walking trousers that are windproof and waterproof is bound to make your adventure more pleasant. Simply because you don’t know what is going to happen as you assent and dissent down the mountain, it may start raining or you might fall into a lake. Walking trousers are usually made out of material that dries quickly to reduce the discomfort you feel when your clothing is wet.

What To Wear And Carry When Mountaineering In The UK

Thermal Top

Wearing a thermal top underneath the rest of your clothing can help you to keep warm, thermal clothing works by reflecting the heat your body is producing back towards your body, meaning that your body loses less heat over time. You can easily wear your men’s streetwear clothing on top of your thermal top for maximum comfort and style.

Thick Hoodie/Fleece

This is a perfect layer to put on when you are feeling cold and take off if you are feeling on the warmer side, as you can easily store this piece of clothing in your backpack. Layering clothing can be a great way to reduce the amount of heat your body loses whilst you are outside in colder weather.

What To Wear And Carry When Mountaineering In The UK

Sturdy Waterproof Walking Boots

Choosing the right walking boots is very important, because if your walking boots are ill-fitting it may cause your feet to rub against your walking boots which may lead to you developing blisters on your feet and ankles; which will make it more difficult for you to traverse the mountain. You could also ensure that you are wearing a pair of thick socks and bring an extra pair of thick socks along with you on your hike just in case your feet start hurting.

Warm Hat And Gloves

Wearing or bringing a pair of gloves and a warm hat up the mountain is a good call as the further you go up a mountain the colder the temperature is going to be. For example, you can climb Ben Nevis in Scotland during the height of summer and find a good portion of snow at the top. Bringing a pair of gloves and a hat with you allows you to prepare for when the temperature drops when you are nearing the summit of the mountain.

What To Wear And Carry When Mountaineering In The UK


Bringing a rucksack that is about 45 litres is advisable as this will allow you to carry enough food, water and clothing to help ensure that you stay safe whilst you climb up and down the mountain. Some rucksacks allow you to clip on extra smaller bags onto your main rucksack providing extra space.


Bringing a watch up with you can be a useful piece of kit as your phone could run out of battery, get lost or broken along your journey and you may not have a way to tell the time if you don’t ensure that you bring a watch along with you.

What To Wear And Carry When Mountaineering In The UK


Bringing a torch along with you just in case it gets dark whilst you are up the mountain is advisable. Ideally, you should bring a headtorch to ensure that both your hards are free to stop you from stumbling over rocks and possibly injuring yourself.

Food And Drink

Bringing plenty of water and food with you up the mountain is advisable, you should avoid bringing carbonated fizzy drinks and stick to water or flavoured water instead. As fizzy drinks dehydrate you, which is not something you want when you are climbing up and down mountains. In terms of food, you should make some sandwiches to bring up the mountain way you and you should also bring up several cereal bars, fruit and nuts to keep you energised whilst you climb up and down the mountain.

What To Wear And Carry When Mountaineering In The UK


Now this one is just for emergencies, if you find yourself stuck up the mountain for whatever reason and need to alert other people to your presence ensure that you have a whistle with you can be a great way to get people’s attention so that they can provide help if needed. Some walking rucksacks come with a whistle attached to them.

Sun Cream

Being outside all day in the sun can mean that you are more prone to sunburn, you can get sunburn through clouds if you are out long enough. This is why before you start climbing the mountain you should ensure that you have put plenty of sun cream over your body to prevent your skin from getting burnt.

What To Wear And Carry When Mountaineering In The UK

Small First Aid Kit

Taking a small first aid kit comprised of plasters, bandages and a small amount of antiseptic solution can make the difference if you or someone in your group is injured whilst climbing up or down the mountain.


Ensuring you a prepared before you climb the mountain is advisable and can prevent issues from arising on your adventure.