As a cat owner, you’ve noticed that your feline family member is just as happy — if not happier — playing with a box as those shelf-bought toys you keep bringing home.

Cats are notoriously persnickety, thumbing their nose at you one minute and forcing you to give them attention the next. So, it’s understandable that you want to be picky about the next toy you bring home to your demanding pet.

Shopping at general retailers gives you a limited range of options. Searching for specialists in your area is a wiser way to go. For instance, if you live in Alberta, you’re better off looking for a pet store in Calgary or another nearby big city for your cat’s next gift.

Regardless of where your search takes you, those basic toys are too mundane for your precious purring perfectionist. Instead of wasting your money on a dud, check out these 10 amazing toys your cat is sure to love.

1. Battery-Operated Flying Objects

Cats love chasing flying objects like birds and butterflies, but we want to keep the real-life versions safe from your kitty’s sharp claws and teeth. Sure, you could take a butterfly toy and tie it to a string, but then you have to run through the house and let your cat chase you.

10 Amazing Toys Your Cat Will Love

While that’s a great workout for you, it’s not efficient, and it depends on you being around to do the running. Give your furry feline the exercise they need and the feeling of being the top predator with a battery-operated animal.

2. Cat Caves

Your cat is purr-fectly happy finding nooks and crannies in your home to hide away, but when you want to know exactly where their hideaway is, a cat cave does the trick. These are made of material similar to cat trees, but they have a domed cover that lets them pretend no one can see them. For the happiest cats — and to save your furniture — look for cat caves that double as scratching posts.

10 Amazing Toys Your Cat Will Love

3. Interactive Toys

Similar to the battery-operated flying objects above, interactive toys run by themselves with the help of your cat, but they don’t need anything to power them. You’ve seen this kind of style with the tried-and-true cat wand, a string attached to a fishing pole-type stick with a feather or toy mouse hanging off the end.

10 Amazing Toys Your Cat Will Love

These toys are surefire cat pleasers. However, when you’re away, the kitty can’t play. Interactive toys are designed similarly to the wand, but with the key difference that your cat can play with it any time, whether you’re there or not.

4. Motorized Fish

Flying toys are a cat’s favourite, but fish are a close second. Felines love spending hours watching fish float around a tank of water. However, fish and cats don’t mix, so if you do have a tank, keeping the lid securely safe from curious paws is essential.

10 Amazing Toys Your Cat Will Love

In the meantime, a motorised fish toy lets your cat chase those “swimming” creatures while they wiggle across the floor without a care. Some of these fish come with catnip to make the chase even more enjoyable for your kitty and for you to watch!

5. Cat Socks

More for you than your cat, grabbing a pair of socks designed to mimic a cat is a comfy way to wiggle your toes and let your feline friend have fun with your feet. Keep in mind that this is only as comfortable and funny as your pain threshold for claws and teeth!

10 Amazing Toys Your Cat Will Love

6. A Cat Fountain

Contrary to popular myths, some cats do enjoy playing in water. If yours does, you’ve likely seen them checking out your sink while the faucet is on or getting curiously close while you’re in the tub or shower.

10 Amazing Toys Your Cat Will Love

Take advantage of your kitty’s love of liquids and give them fresh, cool H2O to drink with a cat water fountain. This gadget is the ideal way to ensure your pets get filtered water every day with gently bubbling streams that will entice their curiosity while satisfying their thirst.

7. A Pet Cam

Do you miss playing with your pets when you’re at work or on errands? Install a two-way camera in their favourite rooms; you can interact with them straight from your phone anytime you’re away.

10 Amazing Toys Your Cat Will Love

Look for a camera that covers all the bases you think are important, like ease of installation, cost, sound, and motion sensors. Then, watch as Kitty’s ears perk up when they hear your voice coming from across the room or laugh out loud at work at your cat’s hysterical zoomies when they think you’re gone.

8. A Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Trust us on this: Your cat will think having a litter box that cleans itself is just as amazing as a new toy, and you’ll love it, too. There are many kinds of electronic self-cleaning litter boxes, so you’ll be able to find one that works for your space needs and your cat’s preferences.

10 Amazing Toys Your Cat Will Love

But when the cat box isn’t clean enough because you got busy, your cat may show their disdain by using another surface instead, or the odour will permeate into the rest of the home. A self-cleaning litter box solves the problem for you and your kitty.

9. Bird Feeders

Yes, a bird feeder! Installing a box to attract birds (and squirrels) outside of your window is a guaranteed way to keep your cat’s attention for hours. The outdoor animals are safe from kitty’s claws, but your cat won’t believe it as they consider the best way to pounce. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a pole bird feeder, you can get one that sucks cups to your window.

10 Amazing Toys Your Cat Will Love

10. A Pet-Friendly Tablet

You know how much we all love watching our favourite TV shows. Did you know there are TV programs for cats? Grab a tablet and put a kid-proof protective screen and cover on it, then turn on a YouTube video with cats or birds on it, and your cat will be entertained for hours!

10 Amazing Toys Your Cat Will Love