10 Cities Around the World Captured in a Snapshot

How do you capture all of the magic, the passion, the character and the drama of a major global city in a split second? It sounds like an impossible task, just like trying to get the flavor of one in a 24 hour visit. However, as you’ll see, both are not only possible but are also offer the chance for a really unique take on what makes these cities so unique and special.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

New York City

New York City has so much that most visitors struggle to fit in all the sights when they’re there for a week, but you can still capture the essence of the Big Apple in a day. Start off early with a trip up the Empire State Building to beat the queues, then chill out with a coffee in Greenwich Village and then take a stroll in Central Park. At night, head to Time Square for the neon overload before taking in a Broadway show.

10 Cities Around the World Captured in a Snapshot


Never mind seeing a city in just 24 hours, Istanbul offers you the chance to see two different continents in a day too. So make sure however you plan your day that you are managing to set foot in both Europe and Asia. Istanbul has so much to see and do, but you can get a flavor of it – literally – by spending much of your day in the bustling bazaars and your evening on the streets enjoying the lively atmosphere.

10 Cities Around the World Captured in a Snapshot


This Japanese city is a place of contrasts, so your day should try to capture both of them. Tokyo is one of the fastest-paced, most neon-streaked cities in the whole world, and you can experience its culture simply by crossing the road, so make sure you head over the Shibuya Crossing at some point. But it’s also got peace and tranquility at its heart, so take a trip to a shrine or garden to soothe your senses.

10 Cities Around the World Captured in a Snapshot


There’s plenty of history to take in when you visit Moscow, not to mention culture at the highest of levels, so again it’s hard to do it all in one day. Instead, you have to pick the highlights, which means starting in Red Square where you can see the Kremlin and Lenin’s tomb, and then ending your day by going to an opera or classical performance, along with Moscow’s elite.

10 Cities Around the World Captured in a Snapshot

Mexico City

Most of these cities will leave you in need of 24 hours of sleep after your day of rushing around them, none more so than Mexico City. There’s so much to see in these hectic streets that you could find yourself in a cantina or a museum one minute and on the beach the next. The important thing is to relish the chaos, because any serious plans you make might end up as so much wishful thinking in a place like this.

10 Cities Around the World Captured in a Snapshot


A city with more history than most, how can you possibly see enough of it in just 24 hours? It would literally be a snapshot of a centuries-old civilisation, but sometimes that snapshot can say a lot. No trip to Cairo would be complete with seeing the pyramids and the Sphinx, so that will have to make up the bulk of your visit, but make sure you also find time to see some of what the modern city has to offer.

10 Cities Around the World Captured in a Snapshot

Hong Kong

Another city with so much to offer, both in terms of modern razzle dazzle and natural wonders. The famous double-decker trams are a great way to see the urban areas and all the visual spectacles humanity has created there, while your afternoon should take you into either the parks or the mountains to see what nature has for you to enjoy.

10 Cities Around the World Captured in a Snapshot


A thriving city with plenty of iconic scenery, particularly its famous harbour, Sydney has something for everybody, so how do you distill that down? Maybe it should be based on personal preferences. You can spend the day on the beach and the night in the clubs, or you can take a ferry ride or a coastal walk, followed by a special evening at the Opera House.

10 Cities Around the World Captured in a Snapshot


The sights, sounds and smells of Delhi make it a unique experience on this list, and you could easily lose yourself there for weeks without running out of new things to try. It’s even more difficult to fit things in if you are trying to see the best of both the historical city and its modern metropolitan counterpart, so you should decide which snapshot of Delhi is the one you want to take home.

10 Cities Around the World Captured in a Snapshot


Old London Town is a city that sleeps just as little as New York these days, so you could find something to do at any point in your 24 hours here, but no tourist could miss out on seeing the famous sights. From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, you can get to it via the London Underground and there’s no shortage of museums, galleries and West End shows to try and fit into your day.

10 Cities Around the World Captured in a Snapshot

These tips offer you a snapshot of what all of these incredible cities have to offer in a day, but how about in a split second? To see what New York, Delhi and the rest look like in stunning multiple exposure photography, head over to The Big Domain to get a REAL snapshot of city life.


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