10 Places You Should Travel in Winters

Finding the perfect place to escape this winter? Embracing the cold weather is not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s a perfect season to travel for the people who love to see the northern lights and relish the long dark nights along with the mountains covered in a coating of snow and ice giving a dramatic touch to the exquisite natural scenery. While the heavy snow, unexpected cold rain, icy sidewalks and tribunal roads make winter traveling a trail it also makes it the most beautiful season to experience. But as you place your bags to visit the below-mentioned place make sure to add leather gloves, jackets and closed shoes in your luggage. Let’s get on to 10 must-visit places for your winter holidays that you must experience going to at least once in a lifetime.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful places in the UK but in winter it is simply breathtaking. If you are traveling to Edinburgh in winters you will not only have the opportunity to experience the city from a whole new point of view than at any other time of the year. You will be able to experience seasonal events along with stunning castles, cobbled streets and ravishing Princes Street Gardens that transform Edinburgh into a wonderland, especially if you are visiting during the Christmas, the sight of enormous Christmas tree, a Ferris wheel and ice skating rink, all in the shadow of a castle feels like you in some movie and a perfect place to spend your winter. Make sure to visit Arthur’s Seat to have a perfect view of the city.

Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck is a classic European destination for winters. Being the host of the Winter Olympics two times it has marked itself a go-to place for skiing and snowboarding around the world. It even allows the tourists to tour the Olympic ski jump and other athletic facilities. Don’t worry it will not disappoint you if you are not interested in sports or skiing as the scenery alone will mesmerize you. Innsbruck, Austria is surrounded by rugged mountains, frozen lakes accompanied by snowy forests and fairytale villages. The city basks in the alluring architecture with medieval colorful building with mountains offering a perfect background. Other than the places to visit, Innsburg also offers a great culture and heritage food to experience to its visitors. Innsbruck was also mentioned in the internationally recognized alpine resorts.

Prague, Czech Republic

The winter covers Prague in a magical white blanket of snow transforming it into a fairytale city. Though the weather can be harsh because of winter the snow-capped steeples, cobbled alleys and the lamps illuminating the dark streets just makes Prague prettier than it has ever been. Winters reveals the beauty of Prague like no other season. If you are a chocolate lover then don’t forget to hit Choco Cafe, a local cafe that serves different types of hot chocolate. Visiting the Prague Castle has also been a tradition for tourists.

Abisko, Sweden

If you want to experience the incredible views of the magical northern lights then you need to visit the Swedish town of Abisko. This is one of the few places where you won’t witness the sunrise for weeks during the harsh winters. Other than gazing at the aurora borealis, Abisko offers a range of activities to its visitors which include dog sledding, ice skating, cross country skiing and explore national parks. While you plan your winter trip to Abisko, don’t forget to add the famous ICEHOTEL to your list – a hotel made out of ice and snow that is worth seeing.

Nagano, Japan

Nagano has much to offer in the winter season. It has been formerly been the host place for Winter Olympic justifying why visitors like to visit this city again and again, especially during the cold season. If you are a ski fan then there cannot be a greater place than Nagano to explore ski resorts and in case you have enough snowboarding the hot spring on the outskirts are a perfect resort to have a relaxing day. Togakuchi Minzoku-kan folklore museum showcases you a fascinating display of ninaga that were once trained there. Jigokudani Monkey Park is the only place where you will witness the beautiful sight of the troops of monkey bathing in hot springs.

Amsterdam, Netherland

Amsterdam offers multiple activities to make the most of your holidays from pubs to museums to exquisite architecture, it has something for everyone. Winters make Amsterdam glow with festive vibes, it’s one of the most magical times that makes Amsterdam a fairytale city looking stunning covered in snow. Here the food is hearty, the night is cozy and the fairy lights around the city add a wildly romantic touch.

Tromso, Norway

Tromso is known as the capital of the Arctic and is considered to be the most beautiful city of Norway that illuminates with the northern lights. The first snow of winter falls in October here, and there onwards it starts getting darker but so it does get more magical as the sun disappears on the horizon. The activities you can enjoy in this polar region include museums, dog sledding, skiing, Sami experience making the urban vibes stronger in the winter with food to cherish and musical festivals with light seeing to enjoy.

Granada, Spain

If you are low on the budget and want to go somewhere cheap and less crowded, then Spain is a perfect choice. You can simply roam around the streets, ski or visit beaches. Though winters are a little chilly, it’s the best time to explore the city when festivities are at their peak. The smell of roasted chestnuts will fill your nostrils as it’s widely consumed.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, capital of Iceland tops the list of the coldest spots of Europe but it has a number of hot springs to warm you up and believe me, there’s no such experience than soaking in these natural hot springs with the winter breeze tickling your nose. Like any other destination, Reykjavik offers you multiple resorts to ski, skate or enjoy winter sports but the coffee houses are some of the best, they also serve you rúgbrauð which is a dark-colored sweet bread made locally. The place has luxurious indoor spas and is recognized for its music and energetic culture and hip nightlife.

Berlin, Germany

Winters in Berlin, Germany can be really cold with temperature dropping to minus 10 degrees Berlin buzzes in the winter season with lively markets, outdoor concerts, ice skating rinks. The magical hue of Christmas adds to the beauty of Christmas. Batanischer Garten is the place that you must visit if you hit Berlin during the Christmas season. Full of castles, theatres, and gorgeous buildings intensify Berlin.

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