Once you’re eager to provide your home with a facelift, several ideas are worth checking out, especially if you’re under a budget. Sprucing up your home to make it even more inviting and appealing is possible. There’s no need to spend big to get the best results.

If you want to level up the look of your living space, new elements like wall art prints will bring out the room’s beauty. Regardless of the theme you want to achieve, here are several ways to effectively spruce up your living space while on a budget:

1. Rearrange The Furniture

Since you’re on a budget, it might be best to work with what you have. One way to provide your living area with a new look is to rearrange the furniture. Think of a new layout to update the space without buying new items.

11 Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Space On A Budget

If you want to try a new arrangement, you can utilize a piece of artwork as the focus of the space. For a more straightforward approach, you can try decluttering and clearing out some of the furniture to make the area feel wider.

2. Add Art Prints

Today, art prints are available in various designs. You can choose images or patterns that best suit your personality, lifestyle, or the theme you want to create in your living space. Depending on the prints you choose, they can effectively brighten up an empty wall with a touch of color.

11 Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Space On A Budget

3. Update Old Light Fixtures

One of the stand out elements in your living space is the lighting fixtures. An effective way to improve the area is to update the light fixtures. Its addition is a budget-friendly way to provide your living space with a fresh look everyone will love.

11 Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Space On A Budget

4. Bring Nature Indoors With House Plants

The addition of plants in your living space is an easy and affordable way to boost the beauty of your home. Plants can effectively impart shape, color, and life to any room. Depending on where you reside, you’ll find sources that offer affordable yet good-quality foliage.

11 Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Space On A Budget

If your budget allows, you can choose larger house plants. An alternative to creating an illusion of a space filled with greenery is to arrange groups of small plants at varying heights.

5. Install Molding

When you have plain walls in your living area, one way to upgrade the space is to install your preferred molding. Today, you can choose from a vast selection of molding styles. An option worth considering is adding slender strips for a sleek look or crown molding to impart a touch of elegance.

11 Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Space On A Budget

6. Display A Piece Of History

If you have any historical or memorable piece you want to show off, it’ll work as the ideal decorative element to spruce up your living area. A perfect way to make the item stand out is to provide it with a prominent spot in the room, displayed in a lovely frame or box.

11 Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Space On A Budget

7. Arrange A Gallery Wall

When you have a blank wall in your living area, you bring life to the space by transforming it into a gallery wall. Depending on your items, you can utilize various elements such as photos, record covers, and many more.

11 Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Space On A Budget

In case you’re renting, it might not be suitable to create several holes in the walls. An alternative is utilizing command hooks or use a picture shelf to lessen the damage to the wall.

8. Apply A New Paint Color

Painting the walls of your living area with a new color can transform it into a lively space. Although some homeowners consider a paint job a big task, it’s a simple and budget-friendly investment to improve the interior of your home.

11 Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Space On A Budget

9. Utilize Decorative Storage

One way to minimize clutter in your home while adding an aesthetically pleasing element is to utilize decorative storage boxes. Any storage box with an ornamental feature will work well. It functions as a decorative piece and a storage space for any small items you want to organize.

11 Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Space On A Budget

10. Create An Accent Wall

Like a gallery wall, an accent wall will work wonders in making your living area more appealing. For an accent wall, you can use wallpaper, wood, or vibrant paint color of your choice. If you’re going to use wallpaper, choose one with a shiny texture to create an elegant look at a budget-friendly price.

11 Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Space On A Budget

11. Hang New Curtains

An affordable way to improve the ambiance of your living space is to hang new curtains. If you’re likely to overlook the curtains, you’ll be surprised to find that they’re already fading or no longer complements the space.

11 Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Space On A Budget

It might be time to switch your old curtains for a lighter type of material. Doing so can make a big difference by brightening up the space. A helpful tip to remember when working with curtains is to hang them a few inches above the window frame to impart height and make the windows appear bigger.


Upgrading your living area is an easy project to tackle. You don’t need a huge budget to transform the space effectively. With the help of these helpful tips, they’ll serve as a guide in helping you create the ideal environment for your family. Working with what you have and adding a few new elements and artwork will go a long way to spruce up your living area.