With the presence of hundreds of thousands apps online, you no longer need to hire a tutor, a nutritionist or a designer, because there are applications literally for everything you need!

Today we will discuss the best apps, which will help you to make home improvements without wasting thousands of dollars on experts. The following 12 apps will help you to find inspiration, match colors, calculate materials and much more!


Houzz is often called a Wikipedia for design and it engages enthusiasts and professionals in home improvement, architecture and design. It is a sort of a social network, which stores thousands of discussions, articles and images on every aspect of home improvement.

12 Best Home Improvement Apps

Here you can find new ideas, search for furniture or simply chat with people, who have the same interests.

DIY Tip Genius

The Family Handyman is a popular magazine, which decided to go online and launched an app for those, who need professional tips, secrets and techniques on improvement of their homes and on repairing stuff.

12 Best Home Improvement Apps

App contains daily tips, categories with projects and a chance to rate suggestions. It is free for iOS and Android.


A younger sibling of Wikipedia, WikiHow contains all the information you need on doing everything yourself. Any time you need to change the oil in your car, repair a broken vacuum cleaner, cook a dinner or change the floor, you can simply type your request.

12 Best Home Improvement Apps

Every article contains video materials and images, so everything is explained thoroughly. All the information is separated into categories, where users can make bookmarks for reading offline. WikiHow is free for Android and iOS users.

In addition, those, who have the latest iOS version, will have access to Survival Kit, which consists of offline articles on how to survive and provide first aid.


Feel puzzled how to plan your room and which colors to use? Leave it to professionals: just take a picture of your room and upload to TapPainter. It will process the image and provide several previews on how your room may look like in various styles and colors.

12 Best Home Improvement Apps

Users can choose popular paint brands, closest matching colors and so on. Previews can also be shared on Facebook. TapPainter is available at AppStore and costs $2,99.

Photo Measures

PhotoMeasures is a great tool for those, who are planning home improvements. Simply by making a photo and uploading it to the app, you can make notes, measurements, mark angles and much more. To catch every detail, you can use a zoom function and upload pictures in a PDF format.

12 Best Home Improvement Apps


Who hasn’t heard of Pinterest? It is a unique source of inspiration, divided into numerous categories. You can select topic you are interested in (for example design and DIY) and save pictures to your own profile.

12 Best Home Improvement Apps


There is no better helper than iFixIt if you need to repair something on your own. It is the fullest guide, which includes a huge variety of categories from smartphones to tools and home devices. It consists of detailed guidelines how to mend literally anything, diagnose problems and even replace tool parts.

12 Best Home Improvement Apps

You can sort articles by the model or category, upload your own guides and even go to iFixIt online store if you don’t have a necessary tool.

The Woodshop Widget

This app has a narrower focus and is a handy tool for those, who are working with wood. This app provides all the necessary calculations, contains articles on how wood behaves under various conditions, types of wood and much more. It is a great app for molding and decorating your home with wood.

12 Best Home Improvement Apps

The app is available at AppStore and costs only $3,99.


Repairing your own home is quite a complicated task and requires lots of additional skills, which not all of us possess. If you decide to hire an expert, you can install Handy and search for repairmen, cleaners and handymen across UK, US and Canada.

12 Best Home Improvement Apps

iHandy Carpenter

If you think that sensors of your iPhone and iPad are useless, let mobile app development specialists at Devyroom.com reassure you!

12 Best Home Improvement Apps

iHandy Carpenter uses your sensors and turns your smartphone into a set of multiple instruments. It can help you to check how flat the surface is by using a surface level or how vertical your walls are with the help of a plump bob. You can also measure every angle and use a tiny ruler to make accurate measurements in centimeters or inches.

Handyman Calculator for Android & Home Improvement Calcs for iOS

This useful app provides both Android and iOS users with multiple conversion and calculation tools, which can be used by workers and enthusiasts. Its functions include:

  • Fractional and density calculators;
  • Unit conversions;

12 Best Home Improvement Apps

  • Rebar weight;
  • Arc length;
  • Oil drilling pressure and much more.

12 Best Home Improvement Apps

RoomScan Pro

By using phone’s sensors, the app scans your room and makes floor plans, which you can save in PDF or DXF files, images and much more. You simply need to come up to any wall or doorframe and wait for a beep to make a record.

12 Best Home Improvement Apps

Author of this article is David Halmore, a developer of mobile applications and co-founder at Devyroom, one of the leading developing companies on the market. David has spent years on analyzing the market and the needs of its participants, putting their requirements and desires into strings and pixels.