If you’ve ever watched James Bond and been envious of his lifestyle, then envy no more – a trip to the South of France in a luxury supercar will emulate it to perfection. Where better to replicate the famous scenic driving scenes in iconic, cool cars? Rent a stylish Aston Martin, or a sleek Ferrari or a monstrous Lamborghini and follow one of these three breathtaking routes, admiring stunning vistas of natural beauty and some of the finest driving roads in the world. We promise the spectacular views will leave you not exactly shaken, but most definitely stirred.

3) Col de la Bonnette

One of the most famous roads in the Alps, and the highest road in Europe, the Col de la Bonnette takes you 2,807m up into the sky. With a smooth, meandering road and breathtaking views, this sweeping route delivers a striking contrast between gorgeous greenery at the base of the pass and an atmosphere that becomes rather volcanic as the height increases. Once you manage to ascend to the top, you are rewarded with one of the most stunning panoramas in Europe, not to mention a plaque that confirms your admirable escapade. What goes up must come down, and the return journey offers a very different driving experience but equally impressive views. The road down is very much like a challenging phase of a race circuit. Corners will test you but, given this is a regular passage of the tour de France, it’s well worth the work.

The 3 Best Mountainous Drives in the South of France

Channel your inner Bond on the Col de la Bonnette with an Aston Martin Vanquish Volante.

2) Route de Gentelly

While you’re in the area, take the nearby Col de Vence – a road that continues through to Gréolières. From here you will be able to turn onto one of the most beautiful roads in the Alpes-Maritimes: the Route de Gentelly. Delivering a picture-perfect view, the route enables drivers to discover landscapes that are framed by remarkable natural rock formations, including stunning arches. The road offers many twists and turns, each revealing a more breathtaking view than the last. As you look out of your window, it’s easy to believe that you are – quite literally – on top of the world.

The 3 Best Mountainous Drives in the South of France

Master the twists of the road in the Porsche 991 Carrera S Convertible – a luxury supercar that handles like no other.

1) Route Napoléon

Take a drive into history by following the path of Napoléon Bonaparte. Back in 1815, the well-known figure marched from Elba to Grenoble – a journey he made with the intention of overthrowing Louis the 18th. In modern day, the trip is still rather dramatic, with the historical aspect only adding to the appeal. Beginning in Grasse, the route continues over 150km to Grenoble, tracing its way through both the Alps Maritimes and the Alps, with tight corners and stunning scenery trailing in your wake. This route is one that allows for speed, with a smooth rhythm from start to finish.

The 3 Best Mountainous Drives in the South of France

Put the roof down in a Ferrari 488 Spider and feel at one with nature as you cruise in comfort on the Route Napoléon.

The 3 Best Mountainous Drives in the South of France

A little tip: Take the turn for the “Gorge de Verdon”, the French version of the Grand Canyon – a vantage point not to be missed.