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3 Places you’ll Love To Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day in Louisville

Are you craving some quality time together? If yes, then it’s time to book your trip with the best travel agency in Louisville KY. The occasion buzz and New Year celebrations have faded, and life has settled into the same old schedule for couples. However, there’s one celebration right around the corner and is tailor-made for couples.

Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to escape the modest of city life together with your partner to romantic getaways. Are you seeking out a loud concert of thousands or maybe a cute walk on the historic roads? Or you might think of visiting an art exhibit featuring recent artists? If you’re looking to celebrate your Valentine’s Day as usual, then ditch the done-to-death candlelight dinner, heart-shaped balloons, and a carton of chocolates.

Plan something different this year to keep the romance sizzling as a couple. What’s even way better? If you choose a holiday package and take your partner to a romantic destination. Whether it’s for this end of the week, the real day, or for next weekend, we’ve got you covered! Here are the leading destinations to spend your Valentine’s Day in Louisville.

1 Elizabethtown

Unwind and reconnect in Elizabethtown for your dreamy getaways in Kentucky. This excellent town is within the middle of the rolling bluegrass hills and is the center of tons of attractive history. Not only is Elizabethtown the starting of the Bourbon Trail of Kentucky, but it is also a spot for Abraham Lincoln’s daughter, Sarah. Visitors here can satisfy their historical desires at interesting historical centers and historic battlegrounds.

You can check out distilleries like the local Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, or Woodford Reserve Distilleries. Beauty is everywhere, making this a perfect place to visit in Kentucky for couples wanting to explore. There are a few lovely lodges in Kentucky Elizabethtown, making this mind-blowing city one of Kentucky’s finest towns.

Attraction in Elizabethtown:

Bluegrass Bourbon Tours

It is the official sponsor of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Visit the Woodford Reserve Distillery, Four Roses Distillery, and Buffalo Trace Distillery on this tour. One of the most excellent Kentucky attractions for Bourbon Lovers begins in Bardstown, just 30 minutes from downtown Elizabethtown.


Bardstown has distilled down to excellent art. Home to the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, guests here have the opportunity to taste the award-winning bourbon and explore the foremost historic distilleries in American history.

Chris Light, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

2 Bowling Green

Located 2 hours south of Louisville is one of the most excellent towns in Kentucky. The college town of Bowling Green is one of the finest places to getaway in Kentucky! It’s famous for its National Corvette Museum, Historic Rail-park & Train Museum, and the Lost River Cave. With so much attention on transportation and history, it’s typically a car lover’s heaven.

OPMaster at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

However, it’s not all engines and quick racing. Bowling Green radiates a youthful and hip vibe and is home to one of the state’s most giant caverns. The Lost River Cave is only available by boat and is sure to provide adventure and romance for your romantic valentine’s Kentucky getaway.

Attraction in Bowling Green:

Lost River Cave

Available only by boat, Lost River Cave is a seven-mile cave system covered up within the hills of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Visitors can spend their evening fishing or climb through the forest. Even superior yet, enjoy the cave boat tours or the energizing zip-lining tours

3 Glasgow

Glasgow is listed among the 15 best places to live in Kentucky! It’s home to a few Kentucky attractions that are certain to make your Kentucky getaway totally extraordinary. Mammoth Cave National Park, Glasgow Highland Games, excellent Lakes, and natural wonders, Glasgow are must-see attractions on your Kentucky day trip. Glasgow includes a fascinating Scottish heritage and pulls in several individuals from around the nation each year for the town’s exciting Highland Games Celebration. It is a well-known destination, with plenty of places to remain in Kentucky for their end of the week getaways in Kentucky.

Ichabod, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Perhaps the foremost notable highlight of Glasgow is the massive Mammoth Cave National Park. Mammoth Cave is the longest cave in the World! With over 400 miles of the cave, adventurous couples can board on a spelunking adventure of a lifetime.

Attraction in Glasgow:

Mammoth Cave

This extraordinary topographical meander ranges across three counties and gives visitors an interesting spelunking chance. Get a glimpse of the enchanting World underground along with one of a few cave tours. Due to the sheer size of this extraordinary cave, it’s easy to spend a whole day inside.

At The End

These were some romantic and dreamy places in Louisville that you can explore this valentine with your partner. This article will give couples a relaxing Louisville getaway. Make your day more memorable by treating your better half with a planned trip from The Travel Authority.

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