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What is The Best Local Restaurant in Kentucky?

When you visit a new place, you would want to be thorough tourists and try out the local dishes. What you take home is not just some run-of-the-mill burger experience. You carry a bit of the culture back home with you. That precisely is the fundamental sorcery behind eating local. And if you are in Kentucky, you definitely are not running short of local restaurants in Louisville to eat.

With an age-old traditional connection with food, Kentucky rises to be one of the most gastronomically extravagant places. Spices and sauces and meat come together in one harmonious dish around here.

To be here and not try local food is a felony, we must say.

Top Local Places to Try out in Kentucky

Brown Hotel

We all have that one eatery that feels more like home. Brown Hotel is one such place. One of the specialties here is the Turkey Sandwich. We bet it is too delicious to resist just at the mere mention of it.

Image by David Swinney via Flickr

Claudia Sanders Dinner House

Driving on Country roads must take you downtown Kentucky, to Shelbyville, where Claudia Sanders Dinner House is. The history here is rock solid. Back in 1959, when Colonel Harlan Sanders, Founder of KFC, moved to Shelbyville, he opened a restaurant here and named it after his wife.

If you love the taste of KFC, this is a definite place to visit.

Image by Brent Moore via Flickr

Village Anchor

Located in Anchorage, Kentucky, this restaurant is Kentucky’s premier upscale restaurants. For a proper fine dining experience in the heart of Kentucky, Village Anchor is your prime choice. Best choices to go for? Green chili wontons are something you cannot miss here.

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The Asahi Japanese Restaurant

It may seem odd how we’re suggesting a Japanese Restaurant for a place like Kentucky. But this is really worth the mention. Deemed one of the best Local Restaurants in Louisville, The Asahi Japanese Restaurant will relish your taste buds and leave you asking for more Tuna Hand rolls, one of the specialties here.

Vietnam Kitchen

On the southern end of Louisville is Vietnam Kitchen, where the menu features some really authentic Vietnamese dishes. It is a family-run restaurant and is every bit iconic if that’s what you are looking for.

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Parting Thoughts

Kentucky can really knock you off with the best local restaurants in Louisville for you to visit. If you have an appetite for local cuisine that’s hard to satiate, this is where you should be.

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