Home decoration ideas are undoubtedly available in a huge variety, and there are many such ways we are obsessed with. Some people have over and above interest in the art works, and they keep searching for the beautiful work, be it for their hobbies or to décor their space. Decorating home with artwork is certainly an incredible thing as it never fails to add an extra dash of personality to your personal space.

There is no doubt that you can easily buy paintings online in Dubai. But, the matter of concern is, how to incorporate those arts into your home décor? Here are some tips that will help you set the mood of every room with a piece of art. So, let us begin-

Hang Low (Or Don’t Hang At All!)

Guess what? The artwork does not necessarily need to be hung on the wall. It is 2018, so feel free to play and experiment with the rules. Rather, you can even lean your favourite paintings against the wall.

3 Wall Art Ideas To Give Your Home Décor A Voguish Touch

But, if you do want that art piece to be hung, let us get down to basics. Make sure the bottom of the work (probably frame if it is a painting), is only 8-16 inches above your table or sofa. Yes, that is the right way. Hang low! The heart of the piece should be at the eye level. Nobody is going to love giving their neck a trouble looking up to take a glance of the piece.

There Is A Colour For Every Mood

What mood you would like to set in each room is what you need to keep in mind when decorating it and choosing the art piece for it. After this, choose the right colour accordingly. Let me help you a little with that. If you are planning for bedroom, go over it with grey or different gradients of this colour to add calm to the space.

3 Wall Art Ideas To Give Your Home Décor A Voguish Touch

Since, living room is meant to be lively and full of charm, go for playful and bright colour, like yellow. But, that does not mean that the whole work should be of yellow. Go with an artwork that has a bright yellow hue in it. Add artworks that scream with orange and red in the dining room for sparkly and lively looking dining space.

Design A Room Around A Piece Of Art

So, you are going to spend a good amount of money on the work you are going to buy, so it must be easily accessible to the eyes whenever your guests enter your room. For that, find your focal point. Walk into the room and look at the point your eyes land first. This is the perfect place to hang your art. Now, you can base the rest of the room accordingly.

3 Wall Art Ideas To Give Your Home Décor A Voguish Touch

For the all the art lovers looking to buy outstanding art pieces for their home, there is good news for you. You do not necessarily have to visit an art gallery for that, as you can simply buy paintings online in Dubai. Approach a reliable online art gallery, and buy the work you love.