All vacations can be great. Then again, not all vacations are great under all circumstances. So before booking any trip, you need to understand how different factors will impact your overall experience.

Because if you fail to plan properly, you’ll wind up spending thousands of dollars on a vacation that leaves you and everyone in your group disappointed.

Fortunately, all it takes is a little bit of planning and foresight before you leave the house. And if you keep the following three questions in mind as you make your plans, you may be able to make your next getaway the best trip ever.

3 Ways to Ensure Your Next Vacation is Fun for All

1. Who’s Going?

The first question to answer is whether this a family vacation featuring a group with a wide age range, including children or senior citizens. If so, you probably won’t want to go to Las Vegas and plan on gambling the night away at a casino.

Yes, there are kid-friendly activities — even in Sin City — and various tour packages available for just this type of travel. But you need to understand how a trip with toddlers and grandparents will make this much different from the typical bachelor party-type getaway.

3 Ways to Ensure Your Next Vacation is Fun for All

In addition to knowing who’s going, you also need to know how many people are in your party. Logistics are easy for a couple or a group of three close friends. But if you’re bringing along a dozen people, there will be some very real challenges when it comes to lodging and transportation. Do you need to rent out a whole house? Do you need to rent several cars?

While such concerns may seem obvious and easy to solve, you need to plan ahead and look into whether it might make sense to partner with an agency that caters to large groups so you don’t become overwhelmed.

2. What’s Your Budget?

If vacations were free, we would take them all the time. But this is the real world and nobody is made of money. That’s why it’s crucial to really sit down and think about how much you want to spend on this getaway. The good news is that this sum doesn’t have to determine your enjoyment,. Heck, even your most finicky friends and relatives can have a good time if you look for good value travel options as opposed to being frugal.

3 Ways to Ensure Your Next Vacation is Fun for All

Of course, an expensive vacation will not necessarily make it better. On the contrary, some of the greatest trips of your life might be a no-frills camping trip with your extended family to a nearby location that’s virtually free aside from a tank of gas. The key, however, is to establish a budget, pick a destination that makes sense, and ensure everyone knows what they will experience.

That way, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest without stressing out about putting yourself into a financial hole.

3. What’s There to Do?

Another great way to maximize your experience is by having many options available. While traveling to a secluded rental on the coast of Maine can be nice, it’s also limiting. The same goes for a beach or lake house, where everyone is couped up and any family argument can become tense. Though total relaxation can be great in the right circumstances, you may find that having more to do will be a better use of your time and money.

3 Ways to Ensure Your Next Vacation is Fun for All

This is why taking a cruise has become such a popular, universally beloved type of vacation. Whether you go on an Alaskan cruise or a voyage to the Caribbean, your vessel will have an incredible range of things to do. If the mood strikes, you can dress it up for a classier, more luxurious feel. Or, if you simply want to lounge around the pool, that’s always an option. From activities to excursions to food, there will something for everyone in your party — all in one place.

Enjoyment for Everyone

There are endless possibilities when it comes to traveling, and different people will always want different things. Of course, you’ll never be certain to please everyone. But by asking yourself these key questions and understanding the nature of your group, you can maximize the enjoyment for every traveler.

3 Ways to Ensure Your Next Vacation is Fun for All

Make sure you know who and how many people are going, set a realistic budget, and try to find a way for everyone to have something they like to do. If you nail all these considerations, the only thing left to do is sit back and relax.