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4 Affordable, Organic Places to Eat in Orlando

When you’re traveling to Orlando, you may think only about Universal Studios and Disney World, but there are many other places to visit besides these iconic landmarks. Visiting other places will truly show the other scenes that this city has to offer. Orlando not only has a great nightlife, but great restaurants, especially if you are a fan of organic food. Here are just a few eateries that Orlando offers in case you don’t want the greasy alternatives of amusement park food.

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Don’t overlook the great, albeit small downtown of Orlando. Hue is just one of the places that you might miss. All of their food is produced by local merchants, which means that it’s fresh to your table. Try some of the restaurant’s fancy high-end items such as cassoulet of confit duck or a dozen oysters to get your taste buds moving. To boot, executive chef Greg Richie has garnered many awards for running restaurants owned by famed restaurateurs such as Emeril Lagasse and Roy Yamaguchi.

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Ethos Vegan Kitchen

Another gem away from the hustle and bustle of Disney World is Ethos Vegan Kitchen, located just north of Orlando in Winter Park. Not only is it one of the only vegan restaurants in central Florida, but it also offers an array of vegan wine and beer for those who love a drink with their meals. 75 percent of the menu is locally grown, and 50 percent is organic. Try some local favorites such as the coconut curry wrap or the pumpkin seed penne pasta. You won’t be disappointed.

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If you like a little taste of Eastern cuisine, look no further than Aashirwad. This restaurant offers a wide variety of organic foods, but with a little taste of herbs and spices inspired by Indian food. There is also a lunch buffet that provides a sampler of all that Aashirwad offers. It’s also close to the action of Disney World.

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Infusion Tea

Infusion Tea is a local restaurant that not only offers the best in local and organic food, but also a chance to unleash your creative side. Canvas & Cocktails is a creation where you can go in and have some organic drinks (or tea) and make a painting at the same time. There is also a nice range of wraps, salads, and sandwiches, such as the hyped herbed cream cheese sandwich, to soak up some of the excess alcohol.

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Don’t just think of Orlando as a desolate wasteland of tourism. It’s actually a cosmopolitan city in disguise full of great bars, nightlife, and most importantly restaurants for the food-conscious glutton. Before making the trip, be sure to check out the large range of delicious restaurants close to where you’ll be located. You’ll be eating healthy and won’t gain a pound. The only problem that you’ll have after that is deciding what to ride at all the amusement parks.

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