Despite the fact that Christmas Day is December 25th, that date will creep up faster than you think! If you don’t want a loved one to end up with a hastily wrapped candy bar or bottle of motor oil you found at a gas station, then put in a bit of planning right now and you could give a really great arty gift that means a lot to the recipient.

The problem, however, is thinking of something really cool, moderately priced, and is easy enough to buy. You might already have a gift in mind, such as a painting from their favorite artist or even some art supplies you know for sure that they’ll love, but if you’re stuck for ideas right now, well, we’ve got a few answers for you, thankfully!

Scratch map

These have been around for a few years, but there are definitely some people who either haven’t heard of them or simply haven’t gotten around to picking up one for themselves yet. There are a lot of cool versions to look at, but there’s sure to be one to suit whomever you’re buying for. Even if this person isn’t a massive traveler, it still looks so pretty when there are a few spots of color amongst a uniform map. Maybe it will encourage this person to travel even more, simply to scratch off more of the map!

4 Fantastic Arty Gifts to Give Someone at Christmas

Graffiti course

Graffiti does get a bad rap, no doubt about it, but when done eloquently and not vandalizing anyone’s truck or shop front, then it’s a beautiful and expressive form of artwork. Graffiti courses, like this one in NYC, are found all over the world and can give you the skills to kick-start your graffiti hobby. As Banksy has shown, graffiti art is cutting edge and can portray current events in a way that not many other mediums can.

4 Fantastic Arty Gifts to Give Someone at Christmas

Personalized calendar

You can pick up a wall calendar from any old shop, so why not put a bit of effort into it and make it personalized with photos. These pictures could be either ones you’ve taken yourself, or better yet, took together with the person you’re giving the calendar to. Find a nice style over here if you love the idea of wall calendars and printing one out for someone at Christmas. The great thing about one of these is that even after they’ve seen the 12 images from the year, they’ve still got the printed memories forever.

4 Fantastic Arty Gifts to Give Someone at Christmas

Polaroid camera

Finally, this is a great idea for a budding photographer. Choosing the right camera for someone isn’t always easy, but a Polaroid camera is more of a novelty camera than anything. It does, however, keep the notion in mind that a great photo is – more often than not – a lot of set-up and testing to find that perfect angle and impeccable lighting. Knowing you’ve only got one chance at it with a Polaroid camera will hopefully reinforce the notion that photography needs care and time to get right.

4 Fantastic Arty Gifts to Give Someone at Christmas