Coined a dangerous and exhilarating activity, skydiving is not for the faint of heart. It can be a thrilling experience that can put you on top of the world with surveying eyes to take in all the beauty that nature has to offer. If skydiving is a favorite hobby of yours, here are four beautiful places you should consider trying out in the future.

Southern California

One of the highest skydives offered by North America, Santa Barbara in Southern California is a mixture of the Pacific Ocean and beach views. With a tandem skydive high set at 18,000 feet, this is a true adventure location. The drop-zone for these skydives is only a couple of miles from the ocean line of California. This means that you can enjoy some breath-taking views of the California coastline during your descent.

4 Beautiful Places Around the World for Unusual Adventures


What’s more extreme and unusual for an adventure than taking something simple, like swinging, and adding an unexpected element to it? In Ubud, Bali, you can experience just that. At this extreme spot you are strapped into a swing that flies over an abyss, giving you the perfect view of palm trees, rivers, and jungle forests. Not only is the swing a thrill, it is also the perfect Instagram opportunity for travelling social media influencers.

4 Beautiful Places Around the World for Unusual Adventures


If you’re a bit more athletic and are looking for something exciting to do that will also give you a workout, the Schilthorn in Switzerland is the place for you. The summit is located among the Alps. If climbing isn’t for you, there is a cable car that will take you to the restaurant at the top. If you love walking/hiking and some excitement, Schilthorn has an observation deck and thrill walk. The Thrill Walk is a partially glass bridge that will take you to the observation deck where you can get a beautiful view of the Swiss Alps.

4 Beautiful Places Around the World for Unusual Adventures


The Philippines is known for having amazing, breathtaking ziplining options for tourists to enjoy. These ziplines go over jungle, rivers, beaches, and sometimes even from island to island. For a truly extreme zip lining experience, you can try out “Superman” ziplining, where you zipline face down. South Cotabato and Bohol both have some of the highest up “Superman” ziplining you can find in Asia.

4 Beautiful Places Around the World for Unusual Adventures

For thrill seekers and the most daring people out there, extreme spots around the world offer some exciting options. To get the adrenaline rush you seek, consider visiting one of these four beautiful, yet thrilling places.