Hiking is a great way to exercise, connect with nature, and take in beautiful sights. However, there is more to the sport than walking from one point to the other; you can also enjoy a variety of activities, regardless if you stay at a local resort or put your artistic skills together and capture the moments on camera. California, with its mountains, redwoods, and vast seaside cliffs, provides many wonderful opportunities for new and veteran hikers. Continue reading to learn about fun adventures that you can take advantage of while hiking in California.


Regardless if you take the kids out on the trails, or go alone, you can stop and catch some fish when taking a scenic hike on the lakes in California. Some areas will require a permit, so be sure to check with the park and local wilderness organizations before your trip. You can try to catch native fish from the waters or catch stock placed within the lakes by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

4 Fun Activities for Hikers in California

Stay at a Resort

If you want to be able to hike for multiple days but still enjoy modern amenities, renting a cabin may be a great option. After hiking, you and your family can rent a cabin and relax, take in the beautiful surroundings, and connect with other adventure seekers. Choose cabin rentals in California that have miles and miles of trails and beautiful sights. This will allow you to encourage family members who aren’t as used to roughing it to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of nature and to explore their surroundings with you.

4 Fun Activities for Hikers in California


Nature’s lighting is often the best when it comes to taking photos professionally and as a hobby. Therefore, you should plan your hikes during times when there is excellent lighting. Your photos will be brighter, and the natural beauty of the outdoors allows you to capture the landscape truly. You could also catch more action on your camera when taking photos on the trail, from the animals to the natural resources and landmarks.

4 Fun Activities for Hikers in California

Skiing and Snowboarding

After you hike up the hills, you can ski or snowboard back down to the bottom. Big Bear and other popular areas in California are great for hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. There are traditional runs and terrain parks to pick from, depending on the region or resort your family chooses. It would be a crime to hike up a snow-covered mountain and take the difficult way down, so look for fantastic skiing opportunities.

4 Fun Activities for Hikers in California

Hikers can always find a way to have fun or keep their non-hiking friends entertained while on the trails. Next time you or your family decide to plan a fun adventure on the trails, be sure to add other activities that you all can enjoy, including those mentioned above.

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