Your home is something always worth investing in, it’s a place you want to feel comfortable in, and having a set up you love is essential. It can be easy to start searching for furniture on a budget but end up dreaming about the more luxurious styles that come with a much bigger price tag. If you’re hoping to revamp your interior design and want to add some luxury without the price tag, here’s a look at 4 tips to help you get your dream home.

Shop the Sales

It’s luxury on a budget 101, finding a bargain in the sale section of the designer furniture showrooms is the key to your interior design. Even if you find the prices are still too high, it’s worth browsing the stores and online to find your inspiration as luxury designs tend to be copied by other brands and made to be more affordable. Make a list or styles you like and then search for similar if the sale still isn’t tempting you.

4 Interior Design Tips to Add Luxury Without the Price

Statement Pieces

If you do intend on spending a little extra on something you love, finding a statement piece for each room helps to add a natural luxury to the whole space. Most people tend to pick something which is big, like a media unit or bookcase to give the room a premium finish. But if you’re looking to spend less, something central to the room like an armchair or table can also create the same effect.

4 Interior Design Tips to Add Luxury Without the Price

Clash or Match

The constant battle between having a matching room with furniture that is all in sync, or choosing a luxury space by having a clashing style that individually stand out, which one? It’s your choice, but different rooms can work with both styles. When looking at living room furniture, clashing designs can work really well to create a luxury finish. But if you’re looking for something homelier, then picking matching designs will give you a synced-up style, however, you may need to rely more on the sales to find the matching luxury furniture.

4 Interior Design Tips to Add Luxury Without the Price

Vintage Pieces

Similar to a statement piece, having vintage furniture in your home can easily add a level of luxury that will help you to love the room. The beauty of shopping for the vintage pieces of furniture means that you can start with a really low budget in mind, you can browse charity stores, second hand online traders and markets or find a style that you think will suit the room.

4 Interior Design Tips to Add Luxury Without the Price

Plan out everything you want to change in your home and work out a budget for how you want to add luxury to each room, it’s might take you a little longer to finish but a luxury finish doesn’t have to cost a fortune to complete!

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