No matter what steps you take to protect your home’s plumbing, you are sure to deal with at least a few leaks over the years. Luckily, the vast majority of leaks are very easy to take care of as long as you catch them before they cause serious damage.


Many homeowners don’t realize that a single leaky faucet can actually waste thousands of gallons of water every year. Over the course of a few years, your leaky faucet might also cost you hundreds of dollars. In most cases, a leaky faucet can easily be repaired with a new gasket or by simply replacing the hardware. Both of those projects can be carried out in a matter of minutes, and you won’t need anything more than some basic tools.

4 Leak Sources in Your Home That Could Lead to Serious Trouble

Sewage Line

All of the water that is used in your home goes into a sewage line that empties into a septic tank or your city’s sewage system. While those pipes are designed to be as durable as possible, damage can still take place at any time. The most common cause of a burst sewage line is excess debris in the system. That is just one of the reasons why you must never flush or rinse away food waste or hygiene products. If multiple drains in your home are slow or backed up, then you should contact a plumber who can snake the sewage line.

4 Leak Sources in Your Home That Could Lead to Serious Trouble

Water Heater

In the average home, a water heater is going to do quite a bit of work throughout the year. In addition to heating water for your showers, that device is also going to heat water for your faucets and appliances. Some of the most common signs of a failing or leaky water heater include low water pressure, water that smells unusual, and varying water temperatures. If you have recently noticed any of those issues, then you need to immediately contact a water heater repair specialist.

4 Leak Sources in Your Home That Could Lead to Serious Trouble

Sprinkler System

While your sprinkler system might not be inside your home, it was most likely installed close to the foundation and walls. When a sprinkler system is leaking, it could cause a tremendous amount of damage to your lawn, plants, trees, and home. To repair your sprinkler system, you should call a contractor who specializes in irrigation systems.

4 Leak Sources in Your Home That Could Lead to Serious Trouble

In addition to searching for leaks on your own, you must also be sure that you are scheduling regular service calls with an experienced plumber. A licensed contractor will be able to inspect every inch of your home’s plumbing system to ensure that there is no damage that could be causing leaks.