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4 Maintenance Tips to Extend Your Home’s Lifespan

Whether you have purchased a new home or are planning on building from scratch, you want your property to last as long as possible. Proper upkeep not only helps your home stay in good condition for longer, but it can also save you money by catching problems early enough to prevent major damage. Keep these four maintenance tips in mind to help extend your home’s lifespan.


The first thing people tend to notice when they look at your house is its roofing. If the exterior looks damaged there really isn’t much else that needs attention. The most important aspect of maintaining this part of your home is to ensure that it is kept as clean and clear as possible of debris such as leaves and branches. Speaking to a roofer will ensure that you do not have any leaks or other surface problems.

Windows and Doors

Next, you want to make sure that two key places where air leaks often occur, your windows and doors, are taken care of. Not only does this type of disrepair disrupt your home’s comfort level, but it may also end up costing you extra in wasted energy fees. Physical damage like cracks, holes, or dents should obviously be repaired right away, but there may also be some subtle signs, such as condensation, that are indicative of a problem.

Gutters and Downspouts

Having properly functioning gutters and downspouts helps redirect rainwater away from your house so that it doesn’t pool around its foundation, potentially causing flooding inside or damaging structures outside. At least once per year, remove all leaves and debris from these areas by using either a small rake or a hand tool. After cleaning out clogs, flush drains with hose water making sure everything flows smoothly down the rest of the system.

Landscaping and Lawncare

Your home’s landscaping can make all the difference in its look and value, but keeping up with it can seem like a full-time job. While there are definitely some tasks that should be done by professionals, such as tree removal or stump grinding, other maintenance items are fairly easy to handle on your own. Plan for regular leaf raking and weeding, and be sure to coordinate colors and pathing options to suit your needs.

Take the time to plan out a schedule to get the most out of your maintenance needs, especially if you have a larger home that may need additional care.

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