If there’s one aspect to going on vacation that is universally loathed, its packing. With only so much space in your suitcase, all kinds of new and intriguing luggage restrictions, and myriad activities to pack for, forgetting something essential becomes almost guaranteed. The whole process really needn’t be so hard, however. By following a few simple rules, what starts off as a daunting and deathly dull task instead becomes a quick and smooth case of 1,2,3 – done!

Think before you start

No matter where you are headed, whether it’s to catch some winter sun on the stunning beaches of Australia or see world famous art at the Louvre in Paris, before you approach the topic of packing you should have a realistic think about what you will need. Firstly, check the weather reports; you would be surprised how many travelers expect to enjoy a week of glorious sunshine only to find their one long-sleeved t-shirt doesn’t hold up against days of severe thunderstorms. Following this you are ready to dive in, but keep these key rules in mind when you do:

Put essentials in your carry on

No one wants to start their vacation foreseeing gloom and doom, but in the event the worst does happen and your bags get lost en route to your destination, don’t chance your most precious or essential items getting lost with them. Any medication you take, your phone charger, important documents, and ideally a change of underwear and toothbrush should all be kept on-hand in a carry on bag. Trust us, you will be so glad you thought ahead if it does take a day or two for your luggage to arrive!

4 Packing Tips To Ensure Your Travels Go Smoothly

Put a lock on your bag

Finally, once you’ve squeezed everything you could possibly want and need inside your bag, it’s a good idea to make sure that no one but you can get in there. For anyone travelling with expensive diamond jewelry or even a pre-owned Cartier timepiece like one of these, it is especially important to take precautions about your luggage safety. If you are not satisfied with padlocking your bag closed, there are small and portable safes out there to keep your most prized gifts while out and about.

4 Packing Tips To Ensure Your Travels Go Smoothly

Take a universal travel adapter

Hopefully by this point you’ve thought to check what plugs are used at your destination; if you haven’t, check now. Rather than taking a separate adapter for each of your devices, simply take one universal adapter that has pins to configured to fit any plug in the world. What’s more, this new style of adapter have multiple USB ports on them meaning you simply need to take additional cables and charge up to five items at a time. Now that’s multitasking!

4 Packing Tips To Ensure Your Travels Go Smoothly

Pack a laundry bag

You might well hear people talking about packing cubes, mesh bags and all kinds of overrated packing “essentials”, but less frequently do you hear a clear and calm voice reminding you to take a laundry bag. No matter how many clean and trendy t-shirts you arm yourself with, squeezing them up against your old and smelly underwear is not going to ramp up your excitement to pull them on. Taking a laundry bag solves this problem while taking up zero space itself: it’s a win-win situation!

4 Packing Tips To Ensure Your Travels Go Smoothly