Los Angeles is a beautiful urban city that spans miles throughout the heart of Southern California. With gorgeous vacation spots and tons of tourist attractions, just the thought is enough to make anyone want to book a trip right now. However, before you arrive in this bustling city, here are a few traveling tips that you should learn from more experienced travelers.

Use the Metro Rail

When it comes to navigating your way around the city, there is one surefire way to avoid all the traffic. This is the Metro Rail and it travels throughout the entire city. This railway system makes its own schedule with quick trips up and down some of the most gridlocked streets, such as the 405, in Los Angeles. Save yourself the grumble of waiting in gridlocked traffic in a rental car. Just look up the local Metro Rail map and head to the closest station.

4 Things Any Experienced Traveler Will Tell You About Visiting LA

Pick a Hotel That Is Near Most of the Attractions

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but all too often people just pick the hotel that has the cheapest price. When you consider the amount of time and money you’ll spend traveling to the attractions that you want to visit, you could easily justify the higher price of that closer hotel. While it’s unlikely that you’ll find a hotel that is within walking distance of all the attractions you want to visit, you probably can find one that is near the majority of them.

4 Things Any Experienced Traveler Will Tell You About Visiting LA

Photographers Can Capture Your Vacation

Various Los Angeles photographers will specifically meet you on your vacation to take pictures. They can showcase you with the L.A. environment to create lasting pictures that you’ll enjoy reminiscing over. The best part is that you don’t have to rely on the photo skills of strangers or leave out a member of your group to be the designated photographer during your vacation.

4 Things Any Experienced Traveler Will Tell You About Visiting LA

Get A Multi-Attraction Discount Card

Most attractions in Los Angeles aren’t free. Rather, you’ll find yourself paying a hefty sum to visit all the attractions that you desire. To help save you some green on your vacation, purchase a multi-attraction discount card. If you’re going to be hitting up many of the theme parks, consider a CityPass to the various places like Disneyland and Universal Studios.

4 Things Any Experienced Traveler Will Tell You About Visiting LA

Visiting Los Angeles can be a dream come true for many. With so many attractions and relaxing beaches, you may just be itching to get there as soon as possible. Whether you will drive there, or booking flight, it doesnt really matter, you just need to get to the City of Angels and enjoy. However, be sure to pay attention to the four tips above. They’ll ensure you make the most of your L.A. vacation.