Some of us travel for work, others for fun. Some of us travel to far off places, while some stay closer to home. Some travel on foot, by boat, by car, by plane, by train, and so many other methods. There is no single definition for what traveling looks like, but we all do it from time to time.

One of the primary reasons people travel recreationally is to experience something completely new and different. With that in mind, there are four types of travel you have to try at some point during your stay on this rock we call home.

#1: Event Travel

It does not matter whether you are into movies, music, sports, Vikings, cosplay, or just eating a ton of…bacon, there is an event for you. We have all heard of the Burning Man Festival, or the Cannes Film Festival, but there are many more options to satisfy whatever you fancy. The point is that you are around a large number of people who all enjoy something you do as well.

4 Types of Travel You Should Try Before You Die

For instance, take the La Tomatina festival in Bunyol, Spain, which is the world’s largest tomato fight. There is also the Cheese Rolling Festival just outside Gloucester, England, where people essentially roll down a steep hill after a wheel of cheese. The point is there are many types of events you can experience.

4 Types of Travel You Should Try Before You Die

While this kind of travel is fun even when you travel solo, it is much more fun when you are with some friends. Add an extra dimension and try renting a private room rather than getting a hotel room.

#2: Slow Travel

Many people feel like they need a vacation from their vacation, especially if they traveled. This is because the tourism industry has turned into a “do as much as you can in as short a period as you can” focus. As much as fast food has ruined how we eat, modern tourism has ruined how we think about travel.

4 Types of Travel You Should Try Before You Die

Slow travel simply means slowing down and being connected in the present moment, with your surroundings, the people, the culture, the history and the stories. Usually, this entails staying for more than a single day in a particular area, and giving you time to immerse in the culture. Be sure to ask locals the best local places to eat, where to experience local entertainment, or how to buy locally. Also, ask if there is a local history museum. The point is to connect and experience a new culture, even if just a regional culture, and connecting to new people.

4 Types of Travel You Should Try Before You Die

One of the benefits of slowing down is that it may inspire you in an area of life. For instance, as you experience slow travel, you may look back at the things you have accumulated in your travels and be inspired to start a business, or give to a specific cause in that community.

#3: Solo Travel

There is a number of reasons taking a solo trip can be good for you. You can do whatever you want, without concern for anyone else. This means you can choose what is going to be most relaxing for you, and move toward those things that truly resonate with you.

4 Types of Travel You Should Try Before You Die

It also helps to improve the immersive experience when paired with slow travel, forcing you to connect with the community around you. This is especially good if you are traveling abroad and want a crash course in the local language.

4 Types of Travel You Should Try Before You Die

Finally, we all need a little alone time now and again. This helps us to destress more effectively, allows creativity to flow undisturbed, and allows more space for problem-solving and important decision-making.

#4: Escapist Travel

Occasionally, everyone needs to escape our everyday grind. This is not just changing scenery and routine for a few days. However, this means getting to a space where technology is not distracting you and you are not worried about all that responsibilities and stresses from your normal life.

4 Types of Travel You Should Try Before You Die

For most, this means getting off the beaten path, either staying in a small town or getting back out into nature directly. There is nothing like a long backpacking trek to help you get centered in the present, and get past all of the distractions that permeate our normal lives.

4 Types of Travel You Should Try Before You Die

Not only can this type of travel help reduce stress and give you space to work out problems, but it can also help inspire and motivate you to make changes in your life to help you achieve your goals.

However You Travel, Make The Most Of It

Regardless of which of these types of travel resonates the most with you, what they all have in common is connecting, with your travel buddies, with the people you meet along the way and, ultimately, with yourself. It’s one of the best aspects of travel and it’s something people are continually missing out on due to the busyness and over-commercialized nature of our world. Take the challenge, and experience something completely different.

4 Types of Travel You Should Try Before You Die

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