Creating a more upscale look in your kitchen requires you to reconsider both its design and some of the room’s features. While every kitchen is different, there are a few common elements in many upscale homes. If you’re trying to create a more luxurious look, you might consider implementing these four suggestions.

U-Shaped Design

The U-shaped kitchen, with its middle island and abundant counter space, epitomizes luxury. Many, if not most, of luxury homes feature this design, partly because of its beauty and partly because of its functionality.

4 Ways to Create a More Upscale Appearance in Your Kitchen

Photo by Dichotomy Interiors

The middle island opens up the workspace, making cooking preparation much easier for you. This design often includes such features as a second sink and more cabinet space to facilitate this. It also doubles as a built-in buffet space, which makes hosting a large gathering much easier in terms of serving the food.

Stone Elements

Stone elements, like granite countertops and backsplashes, cost more than most other types of building materials. This, as well as granite’s beauty, is one of the reasons why people associate this building material with upscale homes.

4 Ways to Create a More Upscale Appearance in Your Kitchen

Photo by Crisp Architects

Additionally, much of classical architecture features granite. Because of its long history, people subconsciously associate granite with durability: Granite statues and buildings have stood for centuries in some cases. It’s hard to argue with the durability of granite given this kind of history.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets do cost more than most ready-made cabinets. However, given that they give a home a unique look, many luxury homes do feature them.

4 Ways to Create a More Upscale Appearance in Your Kitchen

Photo by Jones Design Build

Companies that make custom cabinets often build them from more expensive woods, such as ebony or cherry. Intricate and beautiful carvings may decorate the front of them. The hardware on the cabinets often features materials, like polished bronze or granite. All of these elements create a luxury atmosphere.

The Wine Fridge

Wines taste best when they’re stored at the right temperature. That’s why most serious wine connoisseurs have a wine cellar or wine fridge. Nowadays, it’s even possible for the wine lover to purchase a small wine fridge that fits under a cabinet. If you’re a wine lover and want to show off your collection, installing a small wine fridge in your kitchen boosts the luxury factor up a notch.

4 Ways to Create a More Upscale Appearance in Your Kitchen

Photo by M House Development

If you’re like most people, the kitchen counts as your home’s vibrant heart. As such, you might be willing to spend a bit more money on luxury features, like granite cabinets or wine fridges, to make it a more beautiful and comfortable space. However, despite the costs, you’ll often find such additions not only encourage you to spend more time in your kitchen, they also bring you a good ROI should you ever decide to sell your home.