When vacationing in Sydney, you want to take advantage of the city’s unique cosmopolitan urban center and its outstanding beach and wilderness options. Any trip is bound to include a visit to the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and Bondi Beach. But how can you make sure to explore the beautiful ocean? Below are four of the best water activities that are sure to be the highlight of your Sydney vacation.


Thought snorkeling was reserved for the Great Barrier Reef? Think again. Sydney’s clear waters offer ample opportunities to swim alongside marine life. If you’re a snorkeling newbie, check out Little Bay or Clovelly. If an aquatic reserve is up your alley, stop by Fisherman’s Beach or Cabbage Tree Bay. If you’re lucky, you could see a large, blue grouper or small harmless sharks. Definitely keep an eye out for wobbegongs, a kind of carpet shark, and dusky whalers found between January and June.

4 Ways to Enjoy the Water in Sydney Australia While on Vacation

Sydney Harbor Boat Ride

You know those famous Sydney landmarks like the Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge? Why not see them from the ocean? A Sydney harbor boat ride is arguably the best way to see these iconic sights. The boat ride options range from a relaxed, sunset dinner on a boat to a thrill inducing jet boat ride. There’s a good chance that these boats have vetus thrusters, which are ideal for maneuvering the boat along the coastline.

4 Ways to Enjoy the Water in Sydney Australia While on Vacation


Whether you want to learn how to surf or are a surfing expert, the beaches in Sydney are sure to excite you. The calm water in the northern part of the famous Bondi Beach make it a perfect place for beginners. There’s also plenty of surfing lesson options. Expert surfers tend to enjoy the beach further south where the waves pick up in intensity. Similarly, Manly Beach offers surfing options for beginners and experts alike. If surfing isn’t your thing, be sure to still check out the beaches and maybe watch the many surfers succeed and fail out in the ocean.

4 Ways to Enjoy the Water in Sydney Australia While on Vacation

Paddle boarding

Another way to check out the Sydney coastline is by paddle boarding alongside it. You can rent a paddle and get out to the water. Stand, lie, or sit on your board; it all depends on your skill and interest. Either way, paddle boarding is a great and inexpensive way to spend some time on the water and take in the sun and Sydney views.

4 Ways to Enjoy the Water in Sydney Australia While on Vacation

So if you’re planning a vacation to Sydney, make sure to spend ample time in the water. The city provides the unique opportunity to explore marine life and the skyline views at the same time. Snorkeling, boat rides, surfing, and paddle boarding are all excellent options to make your Sydney vacation memorable. Try one or all four.

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