If you dream of seeing all that the world has to offer on an upcoming vacation, but are worried about how to afford it, you’re in luck. With hundreds of freelancing and remote work opportunities available, it’s easier than ever to earn money from anywhere in the world. Consider the following ideas to help you make more money on your next trip:

Sell Content About Your Trip

When most people think of becoming a content creator for traveling, they often think of becoming a YouTube or Instagram influencer. Though this has been proven as a great way to make money, it typically takes years to develop the audience required for ad revenue, sponsorships, or affiliate income. Instead, you can reach out to travel brands or places you’d like to stay and offer to create videos, images, and blog posts that they can use on their website to educate their consumers about the places you go. In addition, many travel blogs will pay writers for their blog articles and images from the trip. This kind of content brings visitors to their website, which brings them more opportunities for ad revenue or affiliate marketing and makes them money.

4 Ways to Make Money While Traveling

Oftentimes, companies will want to see some of your previous work before agreeing to pay you for your content, if you want the money ahead of time. However, a lot of videographers and photographers will send a free photo or short video for the brand to use and then offer additional photos or videos for a fee. That way the companies will know what to expect before they get your content, and thus be satisfied with what you provide them.

Work at Hostels

Many travelers choose to work at the hostels in exchange for a place to stay and with some arrangements, a little bit of extra money. Though this isn’t the most lucrative way to make money while traveling, it is a way to pay for some of your travel. Over the last few years, many hostels have started to require a term of employment such as a month or more of staying at the hostel so they don’t have to re-train someone every day or every week. With that being the case, it’s recommended that you contact the hostels ahead of your trip to make sure you don’t waste your time showing up at their doorstep.

4 Ways to Make Money While Traveling

Teach English Virtually

Teaching English virtually is a popular way for English speakers to make money while traveling. Online teaching sites, like VIPKID and italki, make it easy for qualified individuals to teach lessons over video chat. The key to qualification is receiving certification from an accredited institution. Once you are approved, you can then sign up with your preferred online teaching platforms and get matched with students who want to learn English.

4 Ways to Make Money While Traveling

Do Freelance Work

If you’re a freelancer, it’s possible to make decent money online. Consider using content mills to find writing gigs that you can complete at your own pace. With enough experience and a portfolio of good work, you can easily find clients of your own and set your own rates. If coding is more your thing, try to get a freelance software engineering job via sites like Indeed or LinkedIn.

4 Ways to Make Money While Traveling

Rent Your Home

If you have an empty home or apartment while traveling, renting it out on your trip can provide a great source of extra income. In addition, there are many vacation property management companies that can help you with getting tenants and prepping the property for new tenants. If you are going through a property management company, consider finding one that specializes in short-term rentals so they have the experience and preparation to care for your home. You can potentially earn hundreds of dollars a month just by renting out an unused bedroom.

4 Ways to Make Money While Traveling

Other ideas for renting property include leasing your vacant apartment for a week- or month-long stay. Look online for places to list your home such as Airbnb to help you turn your empty home or apartment into a moneymaker while you’re away.

Open an Online Store

If you are an artist or designer, you can easily open an online store to start earning more money. If your offerings are crafted, consider opening a shop on Etsy. If you’re a photographer, Sell your pictures online through stock photo sites like iStockPhoto or Shutterstock. Since you’re traveling, you can also pick up little trinkets from the marketplace and sell those items as genuine products. Oftentimes, people love getting a little painting or little keychain that has your location stamped on the postage stamp.

4 Ways to Make Money While Traveling

Traveling the world can be very expensive if you aren’t earning money as you go. Use this guide to help you earn while you travel the country without having to worry about how you’ll pay your bills when you get home.

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