4 Window updates To Help Brighten Your Home

The lighting of a home sets the mood of each room. Although darker rooms are great for relaxing, watching a movie, and sleeping, it will be a dreary place when the entire house is permanently dark. Brightening the room is necessary for a lighter and more inviting space. When working on a budget, replacing windows or other structural changes is ruled out, especially after spending on needed roofing repair services. Here are four window updates to help brighten your home.

Deep Clean Your Windows

The first step before making permanent changes is to clean off the dirt buildup on the glass. Clean both in and outside the house as the dirtier and stained a window becomes, the more it limits visibility and light into the house. Buy a store window cleaning tool to get hard-to-reach windows. If the glass tint is a film, consider removing it to have more natural light in the room.

4 Window updates To Help Brighten Your Home

Replace Windows

One option that is often thought to be too difficult, is to replace your old windows entirely. New windows allow a great deal more light into your home without the added heat. They also allow for better efficiency in the winter months too so you aren’t losing heat. If you love the natural light in your home you may want to consider something like Bow & Bay Windows which are generally larger than an average window. They are great for front rooms or living rooms where light can fill the area. Windows like these are also great if you enjoy sitting and reading next to a window, or even just sitting and enjoying your morning coffee.

4 Window updates To Help Brighten Your Home

Use Bright Colored Curtains

Remove and replace the dark color curtains and replace them with either white or beige or any other bright color such as yellow. The light-colored curtains will offer the brightness needed as light can stream easily. For smaller homes, use double sheers for curtains and entirely forgo curtains as they add to the bulk making the house seem smaller.

4 Window updates To Help Brighten Your Home

Mirror the House

Mirrors do a great job at reflecting natural sunlight all around and onto the dark spots brightening them immediately. Strategically placed them opposite the windows, to have the light bouncing off, amplifying the natural light in the house. However, ensure that an ongoing theme on mirrors and sizing is done well in relation to the window areas to blend in.

4 Window updates To Help Brighten Your Home

Paint Window Frames

Most natural wood used for framing is usually dark-colored, making the windows look smaller and the space darker. Paint the wood with a fresh paint of white as the rest of the house. It will lighten the area and give the home a modern look. Please make sure that the rest of the house goes well with the paint job.

4 Window updates To Help Brighten Your Home

A big room with only one window can use a false window on one of the walls, Decorate it with sheers and curtains, place lights that mimic natural sunlight behind it. Take some time when making the false window frame on the door and make sure it looks like an actual window. You might want to place it directly into the actual window and place a mirror behind it so sunlight can reflect on it.

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