Choosing to elope over arranging a traditional wedding is a fun and refreshing way to tie the knot. And for the head-over-heels lovers who also are stricken with extreme wanderlust, there is no better reason for hitting the road together. He’s an excellent collection of the best destinations for saying “I do” quickly so you can run off on the honeymoon.

Reno, Nevada

It’s extremely easy to tie the knot in Nevada–there’s no blood test, and marriage licenses are insanely cheap and accessible. Las Vegas, with all its luxurious lodging options and kitschy chapels, is an excellent place to get hitched quickly. However, if you’re looking for something more down-to-earth, where nature expresses itself alongside the happy couple, with debauchery and gambling never far away, head to the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains that surround Reno instead.

5 Beautiful Locations Where You Can Elope

The countless public parks and ski resorts patched over the pristine Lake Tahoe mean exquisite views are always available in any Reno marriage ceremony. Getting a license is very easy; just pop into the Reno courthouse that is always open from 8 a.m. until midnight daily.

Elopements are such a gigantic business in Reno; in fact, you’ll find a resource guide on the city’s official tourism website.

New Zealand

The alluring country of New Zealand features two separate Islands–the mountainous South Island and the tropical North Island. Your options depend on the weather you wish to have as your backdrop. Either way, New Zealand is a magnificent place for you to confess your love to one another then head for an adventurous vacation after tying the knot.

5 Beautiful Locations Where You Can Elope

The North Island offers you warmer weather, colorful, pristine beaches, and tropical landscapes. It is the location where the “Lord of the Rings” series was filmed; here you’ll find lots of wondrous elements to delve into during your elopement fiesta. Also, you can head to the Bay of Islands for dolphin watching.

The south island is bound to be your perfect elopement destination if you are looking for more adventurous locations to get married, with glaciers and snow-capped rugged mountains in the background. After the function, you can choose to go bungee jumping or hiking to celebrate your marriage.

Florida Keys, Florida

Despite all the quirkiness, you will love Florida. This laid-back place, famously known as the Sunshine State, is another destination where it is so easy to get married. For out-of-state residents, there’s no waiting (Florida residents must take a premarital class or wait for 3 days to have the law waived), and there are no blood tests required. For a simple toes-in-the-sand wedding, there are myriad options–from island settings in the Gulf of Mexico to deserted Panhandle beaches to urban spots such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

5 Beautiful Locations Where You Can Elope

However, for finding the most peculiar place to elope, nothing beats renting a convertible and making a road trip to the Florida Keys. You can say your vows in a saltwater lagoon on the private island of Duck Key alongside dolphins, where Hawk Cay Resort offers exquisite elopement packages, or you can set nuptials with a Hemingway theme in Key West, where a Papa look-alike will do the honors.

New River Gorge National Park, West Virginia

West Virginia’s New River Gorge is the newest national park in the United States. For ages, adventure sports enthusiasts have loved the gorge for rock climbing and whitewater rafting. But now East Coast elopers have discovered the area and are flocking in to exchange their vows against the New River Gorge Bridge backdrop. This bridge is the third highest in the country. You can book a bridge walk to enjoy it before or after your ceremony, and you can cross the whole 3,000 feet via a catwalk. The closest town is nearby in Fayetteville, but the General Lewis Inn in Lewisburg is an excellent place to spend your wedding night.

5 Beautiful Locations Where You Can Elope

Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Hood Canal, and Strait of Juan de Fuca, and anchored by the Olympic Mountains, the Olympic Peninsula offers you an uncommon experience. With 3,600 square miles of mountains, waterfall-laden rainforest, ocean, and seaside towns, there is a lot of ground and water to cover. You can drive over the 61-mile coastline stretch, which is among the most scenic areas in the region. The Olympic Peninsula offers you an opportunity to feed your appetite for water and land adventure, but you must remember to leave room for some of the tastiest fresh seafood and farm-to-table fare your palate can imagine. Bluesky Elopements offer you an all-inclusive, intimate Olympic Peninsula elopement wedding package and professional photography to keep the memories of your ceremony fresh.

5 Beautiful Locations Where You Can Elope

You deserve to celebrate your marriage in a way that is perfect for you and your lover. The above locations offer you opportunities to celebrate your big day memorably. Ensure you make your preparations in advance, so everything goes according to plan.