Zimbabwe is a South African landlocked country rich in beautiful landscapes and wildlife tourist destinations. The parks located in different cities of Zimbabwe is the source of excellent tourism attraction. According to a survey, only Victoria Falls National Park of Zimbabwe attracts millions of tourists every year.

There are seven other parks located in Zimbabwe which are on the list of most visited destinations globally. Recently, a UNESCO World Heritage Site status is given to Hwange National Park and Mana Pools located in Zimbabwe.

5 Best Places to see in Zimbabwe

According to a research study on the impact of the tourism sector on the Zimbabwean economy, tourism contributes approximately $600 million every year to the economy. The tourism sector in Zimbabwe has generated 250000 employment opportunities. Some best places to visit in Zimbabwe include:

  • Chinhoyi Caves, Mutare
  • Chimanimani National Park
  • Matobo National Park
  • Great Zimbabwe National Monument

There are many other landscape and wildlife destinations in Zimbabwe which are worth visiting.

e-Visa to Zimbabwe

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5 Best Places to see in Zimbabwe

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5 Best Places to see in Zimbabwe

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5 Best Places to see in Zimbabwe

For making your tour to Zimbabwe more enjoyable, we have summarized a list of 5 Best Places in Zimbabwe which you must see:

The Zambezi River:

The Zambezi River is well-known throughout the world because it is considered the mother of great Victoria Falls. It is the fourth-longest river in Africa and the largest river flowing into the Indian ocean.

5 Best Places to see in Zimbabwe

The Zambezi River passes through six famous countries of Africa after originating from the Congo Forest. Several breathtaking views and exciting activities are available on the Zambezi River, such as fishing and water rafting.

Matobo National Park:

Matobo National Park is one of the biggest wildlife parks in the world. Apart from wildlife, Giant granite boulders are a massive source of tourist attraction here. Recently, it has received the status of UNESCO World Heritage site. Matobo National Park is incredibly best for hikers due to vast hiking opportunities.

5 Best Places to see in Zimbabwe

The City of Bulawayo:

The City of Bulawayo is rich in historical and urban culture. This city was founded back in the 19th century by King Lobegula. The traditional and historic architecture in this city is famous throughout the world. The interesting places to visit in this city include Nesbitt Castle, Chipangali Wildlife orphanage, and Railway Museum.

5 Best Places to see in Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park:

Hwange National Park is the country’s biggest national park, spread over approximately 6,000 square miles area. Around 400 bird species are living here with 100 animal species. Isn’t it fascinating to watch so many organisms in one place? Hwange National Park houses approximately 40,000 elephants now.

5 Best Places to see in Zimbabwe

The world-famous Victoria Falls:

Victoria Falls are the most iconic falls present in Africa. These falls are highly tourist attracting and spectacular landscape. Victoria Falls are located on the river of Zambezi. These falls are having a height of 108 meters and 1708 meters long. These falls are considered a natural wonder in the world.

5 Best Places to see in Zimbabwe

Final Words

Zimbabwe is a country rich in wildlife parks, monuments, and parks. The spectacular destinations in Zimbabwe are worth seeing.

The only thing you need to travel to Zimbabwe is your e-Visa. Without an e-Visa, you cannot travel to Zimbabwe. Get your e-Visa to Zimbabwe online and start your packing now!