5 Of The Best Restaurants To Visit In Manchester

From highly stacked burgers to hangover-curing brunches, there are plenty of great places to eat in Manchester that you can explore during your time in the city. With such a great selection on offer, it can be tricky to know where to visit. Whether you are a dedicated foodie or just hungry after a day of exploration, here are 5 of the best restaurants to visit in Manchester.


Much like the name suggests, Australasia offers diners a culinary and cultural exploration into Australian cuisine and influences from Japan, Asia, Indonesia and Europe.

5 Of The Best Restaurants To Visit In Manchester

Image by Per Gosche via Flickr

Diners can enjoy a wide range of dishes, including maki sushi with salmon, tuna and pickled mushrooms, Vietnamese pork with noodles and a red fish curry with sticky jasmine rice. As well as tasty and delicate dishes, the restaurant’s interior is beautiful and combines white tree decorations that echo Australia’s gum trees. Australasia is an exciting destination for any foodie and is worth a visit during your time in Manchester.


Known as being Manchester’s flagship vegetarian restaurant, Greens has won many awards during its time. Created by Simon Connolly and Simon Rimmer, the celebrity chefs founded the restaurant to be a vegetarian venue that serves delicious dishes and exciting ingredients that aren’t miles behind the top restaurants in town.

5 Of The Best Restaurants To Visit In Manchester

Now one of the highlights of Manchester’s restaurant scene, the restaurant serves up delicious dishes made from fresh and local ingredients that are bursting with flavour. Choose from dishes such as deep-fried oyster mushrooms with pancakes or cheese and basil sausages with mustard mash. The wide range of dishes available are sure to satisfy both vegetarians and meat-eaters, showing that you don’t need meat to enjoy a quality meal.


Teacup on Thomas Street combines two of Britain’s loves – tea and cake. This restaurant and cafe is nestled in the trendy Northern Quarter and mainly focuses on tea and cafe dishes. With a list of loose leaf teas available, from Moroccan Mint and Brain Smart Tonic and a selection of ever-changing cake options, this is a much-loved hot spot for locals.

5 Of The Best Restaurants To Visit In Manchester

You can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner here, with the restaurant serving high-quality meals including eggs benedict, Catalan sausage rolls and a steak and onion stack. If you’d rather have a good cup of coffee with your meal, then the baristas offer expertly pulled shots of Atkinson’s hand roasted coffee.


Adored by local Mancunians, Aumbry is a small and intimate restaurant in a converted cottage in the Manchester suburbs. The kitchen uses local and seasonal produce in an aim to provide quality cooking in an informal atmosphere.

5 Of The Best Restaurants To Visit In Manchester

With innovative twists on British classics, dishes include wild rabbit pie with chestnuts and cabbage, Brixham Turbot with Lincolnshire crayfish and desserts such as strawberries with a candied violet and lemon balm. The wine menu, in comparison to the restaurant’s size, is comprehensive and include vintage bottles from all over the world.

63 Degrees

63 Degrees is a family run high-quality restaurant that aims to bring Parisian cuisine to the city. Using fresh and local ingredients, 63 Degrees serves modern French dishes, with care placed on both presentation and flavour.

5 Of The Best Restaurants To Visit In Manchester

The restaurant is named after the ideal temperature at which you should serve coffee and is also a reference to their signature poultry cooking techniques and dish of a 63˚ slow cooked and stuffed chicken cylinder with a truffle and potato puree. Not just a place of flavour, 63 Degrees also offers an intimate and sophisticated ambience.

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