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5 Budget-Friendly Hotels in US for This Summer

Summer is period for traveling. You just have to put some money in the pockets and go for a road trip. If your budget is not that high then you must seek for some budget-friendly hotels to spend the nights. It is not easy to find those budget-friendly hotels but when you do then you have saved some money to prolong your trip. In this article we will give you 5 budget-friendly hotels around USA. So if you plan to go to Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Miami Beach or New York City, then take a look at this budget-friendly hotels list. I hope it will be of help.

Mirage Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, or Sin City is the place you should visit this summer. With many casinos and bars, the nightlife (let’s not forget the daylife) will be an unique experience. In Las Vegas you can see many cities, the Venice, Paris and more. So you can walk all day and explore this amazing city, or you can stay in Mirage Resort, enjoy the all day services and watch the beautiful volcano in the front yard. But as long as you in Las Vegas, visit as many places as you can beside one of the budget-friendly hotels you are in.

Image by Holiday Point via Flickr

Aqua Oasis Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii

Aqua Oasis is a real oasis in Honolulu. It is rated with the highest scores from those that have stayed here. Another good thing about this oasis is that in just a 3 minute walk you are on the well known and amazing Waikiki Bay. So as long as you in Hawaii, enjoy the one and only Hawaiian atmosphere.

Image credit © Aqua Oasis Hotel

Lord Balfour, Miami Beach, Florida

Lord Balfour is located on the Ocean Drive on the South Beach in Miami. This hotel is not one of those expensive and enormous resorts, but it provides with warm water and even warmer experiences in the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

Image credit © Lord Balfour

Cova Hotel, San Francisco, California

San Francisco is known as one of the most expensive cities to stay in whole US. But Cova Hotel is a friendly-budget hotel that is located near some San Francisco’s main sights. It provides with free internet connection and continental breakfast. San Francisco City Hall, Union Square, San Francisco Opera and the Asian Art Museum are just 10 minutes walks away.

Image credit © Cova Hotel

Hotel 31, New York City, New York

Hotel 31 in NYC is one of the budget-friendly hotels you can get accommodated. New York City has the highest price of living and it is one of the most visited cities in the world. Hotel 31 provides comfortable living in and a stylish decor. It is located just five minutes walk from Empire State Building, eight minutes from Madison Square Park and 18 minutes walk from Time Squares. Knowing how New York is big and expensive, Hotel 31 offers you to be accommodated nearby of the most valuable places in NYC.

Image credit © Hotel 31

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