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5 Design Styles that Will Make Your Home Look Trendy

A home is a reflection of who you are, your personality, and your style of living. Raising a family is not a reason why your home cannot be stylish and hip.

Put your creativity to work, there are simple interior design tricks that you can employ at a minimal cost and effort. Small things have a great impact, it could be de-cluttering of things, the addition of a painting to serve as a focal point, or even a plant can add warmth to your living space.

These simple interior design tips will make your home trendy looking like you spent a lot when actually you did not.

Beautiful Fresh Flowers for your Room

Different kinds of room accents go out of style except for one form of accessory that stood the test of time – fresh flowers. Blooms are the best thing you can add to a space to give it a boost. One of the loveliest ways to add a burst of hue is with an arrangement of fresh flowers. The good thing about this gift of nature is that it doesn’t matter what colors you pick or what colors you blend it will always look great.

Photo by Greenbox Architecture

They breathe life and a burst of color that can amplify your interior. Plus, fresh flowers have the added benefit of fragrance making your room smell sweet.

Styled Vignettes in Lieu of Clutters

There is nothing wrong with a collection but when it begins to mess up your home, it’s no longer trendy it’s a clutter. Vignettes make excellent, beautiful spaces and tidy the clutter. Even the humblest of homes look chic when things are thoughtfully positioned instead of coolly scattered. The perfect place for vignettes are bookshelves, coffee tables. mantels, and table tops.

Photo by For People design

A lamp is perfect for building a vignette around its base, it can illuminate the vignette when lit. Work with an odd number  items start with three vignettes. Vary the height of the three objects, choose a tall, medium, and short items. Create depth by positioning the items outward from back to front. Vignettes need a background, a large mirror or a framed piece will work well.

Simplify your Style

Simple is beautiful. A cluttered living room can look muddled and untidy, rather than chic and classy. Trim down your collection and just maintain pieces with sentimental values. Create a sophisticated-looking area by putting less in it. A simplified space will allow the remaining elements to stand out and shine.

Photo by Intro

Start by grouping things in threes, they will look more attractive and more effective in shaping your room to look impressive. It is not limited to three but to all odd numbers, so if you want to add more items bump up the count to 5, 7, 9 or until you are satisfied.

Hang a Large-Scale Art for Impact

Create a centerpiece and give your living room some wow factor by hanging an oversize large-scale art on your living room wall. Large, geometric and floral patterns that span from the back of the sofa all the way to the ceiling will grab attention and hover over the room. It will project an appearance that will look stylish and high impact with no hassle. Keep your eyes peeled for large art pieces at flea fair, garage sale, thrift store, or street market at markdown prices.

Photo by Studio William Hefner

Area Rugs Accentuate

A well-chosen area rug outlines a space and adds color and pattern to brighten everything up in a room. It can add warmth and personality and can serve as an anchor to your furniture layout. Area rugs go beyond providing aesthetics, they can help to define the seating spaces as well provide a comfy cushion for your weary feet.

Photo by Shea Homes

Beautiful home need not be expensive it just needs the proper accessories to fit every nook and cranny to bring out its personality.

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