Cats are picky eaters, and this makes you believe that they know best what their ideal food should be. That’s not always the case. Just because they can differentiate between good and bad meat doesn’t support the fact that they can judge what’s nutritious and what’s not. You should plan a diet that is nutritionally healthy for your cat. But before you prepare your cat’s diet, here are a few foods that you should keep off your kitty’s plate:

1. Raw meat

Cats love meat. It is an excellent source of protein that ensures good vision, a healthy reproductive system, and a strong heart. But never give them raw meat. Raw meat can be a source of unwanted bacteria and virus. It can make your cat sick, and they may never want to try meat again. Instead, give them cooked meat such as chicken, turkey, lamb, and lean deli meats.

5 Foods to Avoid for Your Cat

2. Garlic, onions, and chives

Onion in all forms is an enemy to cats. They break your cat’s red blood cells resulting in anemia. Cooked, raw, dehydrated, and even powdered onion is a strict no-no for cats. Apart from onions, you should also avoid chives and garlic as they can upset your cat’s gastrointestinal system. That’s why you will notice that foods made for cats with sensitive stomach only contain high protein source and taurine as their primary ingredients. These keep your cat healthy.

5 Foods to Avoid for Your Cat

3. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates act as fillers for your cat, but it shouldn’t be used as their primary food. Your cat will enjoy a variety of food, and carbs may come as a welcome change for them. You can also substitute carb foods with whole grains. Foods like oats are an excellent source of protein. Plus, they are easy to make. You can even try polenta, corn, wheat berries, barley, and brown rice, but make sure you mash everything before giving it your cat. Small quantities of couscous and millets can be an excellent way to avoid carbohydrates.

5 Foods to Avoid for Your Cat

4. Raisins and grapes

Many cat owners give raisins and grapes as treats to their cats, but don’t do that. Veterinarians believe that these fruits can cause kidney failure in your cat. Even small quantities of these fruits can make your cat ill. Some of the early signs of illness are hyperactivity and repeated vomiting. Even if your cat may not be sensitive to these fruits, it is always wise to avoid them.

5 Foods to Avoid for Your Cat

5. Chocolates

You may be a chocolate lover, but it can be lethal for your cat. Not just chocolate bars but any other food item that contains cocoa or chocolate should be avoided. Chocolate contains theobromine which is a toxic agent that harms your cat’s gastrointestinal system. Unsweetened baking chocolate and dark chocolate can be even life-threatening for your cat. It may cause tremors, seizures, abnormal heart rhythm, and even death.

5 Foods to Avoid for Your Cat

It is easy for cat owners to offer a variety of food to their cats, but no matter what you give, you should avoid the ones mentioned above. Don’t let your cat suffer because of your negligence.