Maintaining your hygiene habits is very important while travelling. You could be potentially exposed to new kinds of germs that your body isn’t used to and ruin your trip by getting sick. Check out Travel Health Connect to learn about the different kinds of diseases that are found abroad and how to protect yourself from them. Also, the current health crisis is something you want to avoid being part of, as it could harm you or your close ones when you get back home. Here are some hygiene travel tips to help you stay healthy as you move.

Wash hands regularly

While we’re all told to wash our hands whenever we can, this is something that’s especially important when you travel. Even if you haven’t gone to the bathroom or touched anything particularly dirty, you should wash your hands regularly while on the go.

5 Highly Neglected Hygiene Travel Tips

Travelling opens you up to a whole host of new and unfamiliar germs, which are a lot more likely to make you sick. Not to mention, as you travel, you’re coming into contact with things that other travellers have touched as well. A handle that has been touched by hundreds of other travellers is definitely dirtier than your own door handle. Use antibacterial soap and warm water, and don’t forget to scrub long and hard.

Stay self-aware

You need to keep yourself safe while travelling, which is why you should be more aware of yourself and your surroundings during the trip. Don’t forget that you aren’t the only one at risk when you’re heading somewhere. If you have the sniffles or feel like the cold is coming down on you, make sure you’re aware of your own germs.

5 Highly Neglected Hygiene Travel Tips

Practice self-awareness and keep your fellow travellers safe. Carry antibacterial wipes with you and make sure you catch your coughs and sneezes as they come. When sneezing, remember the elbow rule. You don’t touch anything with your elbows either way, so sneezing into them won’t endanger anyone.

5 Highly Neglected Hygiene Travel Tips

Don’t forget to obtain all your necessary travel vaccines, either. They’re crucial if you’re going somewhere exotic or where certain diseases are prevalent. This keeps you safe, while also keeping everyone back home safe from potential epidemics.

Keep your nails clean

People often neglect their nail hygiene in general, which isn’t exactly good hygiene. Dirt and bacteria accumulate under our nails, which then transfer to most of the things that we touch. Keeping your nails clean as you travel is essential, as you never know what kind of germs you’ll acquire underneath them.

5 Highly Neglected Hygiene Travel Tips

If possible, keep your nails short when you travel. This will minimize the amount of dirt that can get caught underneath them. A nail brush might come in handy, so take one with you in your bag of essentials.

Maintain dental hygiene

Travelling can be pretty disruptive for your regular hygiene rituals. You’re not always going to be close to a bathroom with clean water, which is why brushing teeth might not be feasible in certain situations. This is why it’s recommended that you bring gum and mouthwash with you wherever you go. It’s not quite as effective as brushing, but it gets the job done in a jiffy.

5 Highly Neglected Hygiene Travel Tips

Look after your gums as well as your teeth while you travel. They can be affected by lack of brushing and the different foods you encounter. It’s not uncommon for gums to get inflamed or damaged as you travel. Taking care of this problem as it develops is crucial, which is why you should consider visiting your dentist when you get back home. They can help diagnose gum disease and treat it before it gets any worse. Keep your gums healthy and brush as often as you can while on the road.

Avoid sharing food

While having lunch with others is great while travelling, you’ll want to avoid sharing food during meals. It’s a surefire way to spread germs from one individual to another. Even if the other person is healthy, there’s no telling what either of you could be carrying with no symptoms present.

5 Highly Neglected Hygiene Travel Tips

Avoid sharing utensils with people you travel with and you should be safe. Enjoy food together, but keep your plates separated, just in case.


Everyone should be constantly looking out for their hygiene, especially when they’re on the road. You’re in a different environment than you’re used to, and it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of travelling and lose sight of hygiene. Keep these tips in mind as you travel and you’re going to stay safe and healthy.