If you care about your living space, you’ve probably came across dozens of useful home improvement ideas, but still, there are some you definitely shouldn’t miss in your house. From things which will make your space healthier and more inviting to those which can greatly facilitate home maintenance, some items are made just to improve your daily routine and change your life battery. So, while you’re searching for hints on how to improve your home, consider those 5 revolutionary tips, and you’ll wonder how your house could ever function without them:

Let your kitchen be practical

Regardless if you’re a passionate cook or you use your kitchen only occasionally, there are a few completely unavoidable appliances and gadgets you should welcome in there. Firstly, there’s nothing what can improve your meals’ preparing routine like high speed blender, in which you can instantly make anything from healthy smoothies and soups to baby foods and delicious sauces. Another kitchen treasure is a quality dishwasher, especially if you bear in mind that it now comes with touch control panels, modern design and ultra fast washing times. Clutter in kitchen can be pretty frustrating, but you can get rid of it by installing a modular kitchen cabinet which offers multifunctional shelves and various sections. In addition – don’t let your kitchen be cluttered with things. Generally if you have extra things in your house, store them outside.

5 Home Improvement Tips which will Change your Life

Contemporary Kitchen by San Francisco Kitchen & Bath Designers Livingston Interiors

Turn to water filters

Heaps of empty water bottles, enormous amount of money spent and going to the store several times a month can be a real nightmare. Instead of living your life like this, simply install best water filter for your home and incomparably improve your lifestyle, living space and environment. The advantages are priceless – limitless source of pure and quality water, great practicality of use, tremendous money savings and, above everything, health.

5 Home Improvement Tips which will Change your Life

Contemporary Kitchen by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators Brilliant Colour Concepts

Stylize your bathroom instantly

Metal is very trendy and easy to maintain home material, so if your bathroom longs for style, embrace metal framed mirrors, towel rings and brass faucets. Enrich your bathing space with nice towel baskets, apothecary jars, functional side tables and mantles, since those items are very practical and create irresistibly inviting feeling. If you use your bathroom as laundry room too, it simply must include automated clothes dryer, which can be found in variety of designs that match final bathroom style.

5 Home Improvement Tips which will Change your Life

Contemporary Bathroom by Kailua Architects & Building Designers Archipelago Hawaii Luxury Home Designs

Bring effective essentials into your living room

Living room is the centrepiece of your home, what doesn’t mean it should be laden to the top. A key to pleasant and usable living room is comfortable furniture and attractive decor. Complement comfy sofa with few accent chairs to reach a sophisticated look and make the space inviting by including modern wooden coffee table. Elegant fire-pit and authentic silky curtains are the best way to create soothing Zen atmosphere, while thick carpets belong to the things you should throw away. Better include painted stripe floors and let your living space breath! And for God sake – don’t forget to let the sunshine in. If your living room is too dark, consider piercing a larger window.

5 Home Improvement Tips which will Change your Life

Contemporary Living Room by Boca Raton Architects & Building Designers Studio K Architects

Opt for statement pieces

The easiest way to fill your home with pleasant energy and style is to embrace the decor that vow. Add glow to your neutral space by hanging bold expressionistic paintings, but in case you prefer classic style go for porcelain sculptures, landscape artworks and decorative pottery collections. Instead of having only traditional chandeliers, opt for glamorous sconces, sophisticated table candleholders or extravagant lamps and you’ll get surprisingly relaxing ambient.

5 Home Improvement Tips which will Change your Life

Transitional Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Caroline Beaupere Design

Among the many ideas you can implement in your home space, some of them are not just increasing the pleasantness of your living nook, but opening the doors to completely new and improved lifestyle.