One of the biggest appeals to traveling in an RV is the fact that it’s essentially a home on wheels. The only issue is that an RV doesn’t always feel like home. Sure, it has a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a bed, and what not.

But still, just because a motorhome has all of the components of a real home doesn’t mean that it will necessarily feel like home, and it’s certainly not going to feel like home right after you’ve driven it off of the dealership’s lot.

5 Ideas For Improving Your RV’s Interior

So what you need to do instead, if you truly want your RV to feel like a house on wheels, is to modify, upgrade, and improve the interior of it so that it is. If you’re not entirely sure about where to start, here are five ideas for improving your RV’s interior:

1 – Stick With A Single Pattern

If there’s only one piece of advice that you should hear in regards to improving your RV’s interior decor, it’s to stick with a single and uniform pattern throughout the entire interior. This means sticking with only one or two or three colors at the most so that the entire interior of the RV is consistent.

5 Ideas For Improving Your RV’s Interior

Otherwise, the interior decor of the RV is simply going to look and feel overwhelming, and you don’t want that. Plan out how you basically want the interior of the RV to look, and go from there.

2 – Add A Nice Looking Rug

This is a simple modification, but also a smart one. The vast majority of RV’s come installed with laminated flooring, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, laminated flooring is also not very welcoming or ‘home-like’ to put it in other words.

5 Ideas For Improving Your RV’s Interior

Fortunately, it’s not anything that can’t be easily solved, because you can just place a rug over your laminated flooring instead. This may not seem like a big deal, but a rug fulfills several purposes: it adds an entirely new look to the interior of the RV, it’s significantly more comfortable than a hard laminated floor, and it create a separation between your living room and the kitchen.

3 – Add An Office Area

Motorhomes these days come with kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. But one really important room that most don’t come installed with is an office, and this is really important especially if you’re going to be working or running a business out of an RV.

5 Ideas For Improving Your RV’s Interior

Many people who work on the road in an RV do so with their laptop or tablet on their lap while they sit down on a chair or couch. This could work for part of the time, but you’re still going to want an office area, complete with a desk, office chair, and normal office equipment, for dedicated working sessions.

4 – Add More Storage

RV’s already come with plenty of storage, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add more storage space if you want it or need it.

5 Ideas For Improving Your RV’s Interior

Organization is essential for living in an RV just as it is for living in a normal house. It keeps your mind calm and your stress levels down, not to mention it maximizes your efficiency in the way you live too. There are a variety of tips that you can use to maximize storage efficiency, such as adding a drawer unit to a cabinet, installing an over the door trash can, or adding hanging baskets to name a few basic ideas.

5 – Paint The Interior

Painting the entire interior of an RV is going to be a significant project, similar to painting the interior of a house or part of a house. But the main advantage to painting the interior of the RV is that you will get it to match your personal personality so that it feels more like home.

5 Ideas For Improving Your RV’s Interior

Admittedly, the interiors of many RVs these days can seem rather dull or at least boring. Simply repainting a wall or a cabinet, however, can change things completely. To really make your RV feel more like home, consider using the same colors that you already use in your house.

Improving Your RV’s Interior

In the end, it’s your RV, so you can decide what modifications and improvements that you want to make. Whatever you think you need to do to make your RV feel more like home, by all means feel free to do it.