Iceland is usually found in the most beautiful countries list, and there are a few reasons why. Their amazing and unique nature, friendly and liberal-minded people and weird magic vibe definitely makes everyone who visited this country once, fall hardly in love.

Therefore, today, let’s talk about the top 5 places in Iceland, many travelers and locals believe are the most beautiful!

The Westfjords at Sunset

Sunsets are beautiful everywhere, but I can almost bet that the most beautiful sunset you are going to see might be in the Westfjords in Iceland. Despite the fact, that it is Norway which is famous for its fjords, Iceland has something good to offer as well. The peninsula is connected to the mainland by a thin isthmus hence, after getting in here you will feel like coming to a very mysterious and secluded place. However, here you can not only enjoy beautiful sunsets, but also get a chance to observe national Iceland’ birds puffins or just enjoy lonely fisherman villages where times stops.

5 Most Beautiful Places In Iceland


Another breathtaking and unique place you must visit if you ever get into Iceland is Skógafoss. This is one of the most famous waterfalls Iceland has, but that doesn’t harm it beauty at all. In fact, the waterfall is neither the tallest nor the most powerful nor the most beautiful in Iceland. Skógafoss actually has a very magical, a little bit mystical environment which attracts people more than anything. To be fair, it is all about the mist which surrounds this waterfall occasionally. Combined with a slightly dark color of water, green moss and rocks around, it really looks like a place where fairies could live.

5 Most Beautiful Places In Iceland


For some people, lava fields won’t sound like a dream destination, but these people probably have never been in Landmannalaugar. This real masterpiece of nature’s creativity is famous not only because of its astonishing beauty, but for its natural geothermal hot springs you can take a swim at as well. Landmannalaugar can be proud of its colorfulness because just by standing a bit further, you can spot fields of reds, grays and blacks of volcanic lava and ash. The landscape is also dotted with pearly blue lakes, making pictures of this place truly worth your camera shots.

5 Most Beautiful Places In Iceland

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

A real glacier lake is also worth your attention while traveling in Iceland. The lake is situated at the head of the Breiðamerkurkjökull (try to pronounce the name now!) glacier, and it is pretty popular among tourists because of its beauty. The lake, which is also considered to be a real nature’s wonder of Iceland, is entirely full of many blue icebergs, chunks of ice that have broken off the central glacier and are now slowly melting into the lake. So, it literally looks like a huge icy lake. Try to visit it during the sunset as low sunrays create even more amazing view!

5 Most Beautiful Places In Iceland


Let’s end with the iciest, most beautiful, and breathtaking place Iceland is famous for – the Vatnajökull. Its deep blue colored ice and slightly wrinkly structure create a very, very astonishing view everyone will enjoy. Depending on the time of day and how the light reaches the earth, the color of the caves can change, sometimes appearing lighter blue and sometimes much darker with traces of purple. What is even more amazing about this place is the fact, that this is the largest and most voluminous ice caps not only in Iceland but the entire Europe as well. So it is definitely meriting touring this amazing, one of a kind miracle of nature and fall in love with Iceland.

5 Most Beautiful Places In Iceland

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