Volunteering is a massive thing these days. According to Statista, in spring 2017, the number of people who conducted any kind of volunteer work within the last 12 months reached 67.81 million in the US.

And it isn’t that surprising if you think about it. Volunteering is an extremely gratifying experience that definitely makes you a better person. But it’s not only about that. When you participate in voluntary work, you are trying new things, mastering new skills, and learning how to work well. It is especially important and beneficial for students with no prior work experience: not only you gain some in the process, you also do something that is highly appreciated by many potential employees and is rewarding to you as well.

5 Places Where Students Can Participate In Voluntary Work

What’s even more amazing is that you can explore the world while helping the others. There are plenty of opportunities available for those who are interested in volunteering abroad. So even if you are a broke student, you can go see the world by joining one of those volunteering programs.

5 Places Where Students Can Participate In Voluntary Work

Here’s where you can go if you want to volunteer.


It’s a beautiful place and a top travel destination as well, so why miss the opportunity? Most of the volunteering programs there are about animal and nature conservation efforts and would be great for those who would enjoy spending their time with koalas, turtles, and dolphins. However, there are also community development projects, which are about working with humans.

5 Places Where Students Can Participate In Voluntary Work

One of the biggest perks of going to Australia to volunteer is the country’s high standards of living. If you are looking for a safe and comfortable destination to start your volunteering journey, it’s definitely a good place. Furthermore, you don’t need to know any foreign languages to start.

5 Places Where Students Can Participate In Voluntary Work

Of course, this literally comes with a price. The travel could be expensive, especially for students. The accommodation itself also might be costly, especially when you’re staying in the cities.


If you are into mindfulness and spirituality, India might be the right country for you to go volunteer. But even if you aren’t into those things, you can still enjoy staying in India. It has 22 official languages and an incredibly reach and complex history.

5 Places Where Students Can Participate In Voluntary Work

What to do in India? There are plenty of volunteering opportunities, from English teaching to helping in health clinics. Though the volunteering work itself could be tough, the people there are extremely kind and friendly, so you won’t feel alone in the process.

5 Places Where Students Can Participate In Voluntary Work

India is big and very diverse, so you can spend the whole summer exploring the country and learning new things. We can assure you that you won’t get bored there. However, take the monsoon season into consideration: it starts at the end of the summer and can affect ground transportation and the landscape as well. It could especially hard for those, who don’t react to high humidity well.

South Korea.

With its world’s fastest WiFi and 24-hour convenience stores, South Korea is probably one of the most comfortable countries to volunteer in. You can go there to teach English, take care of children or work in an agricultural area.

5 Places Where Students Can Participate In Voluntary Work

South Korea would be a perfect option for those who dislike being far from civilization but getting there isn’t easy. There aren’t many volunteering opportunities available and there are even less when you don’t know Korean well enough. So if you think that you might struggle with the language barrier a lot, consider choosing another country for volunteering.


Cambodia is a beautiful country with a complicated history. It still faces many issues like hunger, poverty, human rights violations, etc. Therefore, if you do want to make an impact and to help people who are really struggling, Cambodia could be one of the best opportunities for you. You can teach English there, work on construction projects, or try other options available.

5 Places Where Students Can Participate In Voluntary Work

Cambodia is inexpensive, so it’s also a good option for those, who are limited by budget. Furthermore, it really needs volunteering help. However, if you decide to go there, brace yourself because some culture shock might come. The country is really poor and some of its areas differ a lot from the things you’re used to.


Many people go to Thailand to travel. You can go there volunteering in order to both explore the country and make an impact. It’s actually one of the best places to volunteer abroad: the opportunities available to you are diverse and seemingly limitless. You can work with animals if volunteering for wildlife sanctuaries seems appealing to you or help the victims of human trafficking to start a new life.

5 Places Where Students Can Participate In Voluntary Work

The prices in the country are really great as well. You can try delicious fruits and buy things you like without risking coming home broke or spending all your money on the first week there. You can also relax in so many different ways, from laying on a beach to exploring the jungles.

5 Places Where Students Can Participate In Voluntary Work

However, you should beware of fraud if you want to go to Thailand. There are plenty of volunteering organizations who want to get some money from you, not offer you some good opportunities. So always do your research well and definitely look for reviews.

5 Places Where Students Can Participate In Voluntary Work

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding experience you might have in life. Therefore, don’t hesitate to try it, especially when it also includes seeing the world. Keep in mind that while these 5 places are really great travel and volunteering destinations, there are many more out there that could still be a great option for you. So don’t hesitate to look for other volunteering options if none of the above seems appealing to you or if you want to go to some other places as well.

Did you already go abroad to volunteer? If yes, please share your stories and experience in the comments below.

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