Father’s Day is approaching, and you’re surely wondering what to get for your aging parent. If you want to diversify things a bit this year, you can plan a weekend getaway and spend quality time together. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can buy him a plot of land so that he has his retreat place all year round.

Luckily, you can search for big lots near me and find some excellent options at great prices. Not sure where to start? We’re sharing the ultimate dad-approved places to visit and buy land.

5 Places to Visit and Buy Land in North America for Father's Day

Yosemite, California

A trip to Yosemite, California will be a real treat for the outdoorsy type. Famous for the giant sequoia trees, the trails through the national park will offer a unique and unforgettable experience. Plus, there are several picture-perfect locations where you can take some amazing photos. You might take the adventurous route and choose from one of the main trails, such as Glacier Road or Tioga Road. Most of these routes will lead you to high-altitude lakes and cliffs overlooking lush meadows. You can even relive your childhood memories in popular campgrounds such as Camp 4, North Pines, and Upper Pines.

5 Places to Visit and Buy Land in North America for Father's Day

Yosemite, California, is also one of the top places to buy a plot of land for your father. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can find land for sale close to the national park, which is perfect for building a mountain cabin home from which you’ll be able to take in some fantastic views as you breathe in the clean, crisp air all year round.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Driving down The Strip to legendary spots you may have only seen in movies will be a real thrill.   Visit the Mob Museum, see Cirque de Soleil in action, and finish your trip in Sin City with a light show at the Neon Museum. Las Vegas is also a shopper’s delight, so if your father likes to shop, this is the perfect treat. This lavishly planned, adorned, illuminated, and dazzling city has an abundance of everything, offering versatile options to splurge. You can spice things up with some tasty meals at the numerous restaurants.

5 Places to Visit and Buy Land in North America for Father's Day

In addition, you can spice up your experience by integrating some adventure sports, such as a racing car or a flying event. And if you consider buying a plot of land for your father, you’ll be pleased to know that Nevada is one of the top 10 states for raw land, with prices starting at $6,990. Moreover, Nevada is one of the few states with low property taxes and no state income tax. It’s also known for being a business-friendly state, with corporate tax benefits that encourage entrepreneurs to start new businesses.

Chicago, Illinois

If your father is a sports lover, there is no better way to spend Father’s Day – a ticket to the United Center to watch a game of basketball, hockey, or ice hockey and immersing yourself in the electric atmosphere. This Allen organ, which creates the well-known “Roar” and fills the stadium during every game, is a duplicate of the old Chicago Stadium’s legendary Barton organ, making the Roar an intrinsic part of its life for decades. Your father might remember some of the Blackhawks and Bulls games he watched when he was younger.

5 Places to Visit and Buy Land in North America for Father's Day

And if you are considering buying land in Chicago, check with the city’s Planning and Development department for the City-Owned Land Sale Programs. You can find big lots at less than market value.

Miami, Florida

Thanks to the beautiful beaches, distinctive eateries, and vibrant cultural environment, Miami, Florida is one of the best places to visit for Father’s Day. In addition, Miami is a cultural city, which means there are some fantastic museums to visit. If you want to spend a lot of time in the outdoors, Miami offers plenty of great beaches and nature parks.

5 Places to Visit and Buy Land in North America for Father's Day

If looking to invest in vacant land, Florida is one of the top states to buy land in, thanks to the near-perfect weather, strong job market, and booming tourism. Land parcels start as low as $8,999, giving you the perfect opportunity to treat your old dad.

Visiting and Buying Big Lots Near Me: The Top Father’s Day Gift

Whether you want to get away for the weekend or spend a few days traveling, taking a trip with your father is the ideal way to spend quality time. If you want to reward him extra this year, consider buying him vacant land and gift him the joy of creating the perfect family oasis where you’ll spend the next Father’s Day!