With stunning urban mountains and mesmerizing sunsets, cultural projects and sporting activities, as well as a diverse cuisine (including some of the best Mexican food in the country) Phoenix is a great destination.

And, though many correlate Phoenix with hot weather climate, exploring the city in winter is very exciting, not only because the jolly season makes the place and its surroundings look spectacular, but it also brings people a multitude of things to do.

If you are thinking about a winter holiday in Phoenix, continue reading this article and find out the reason why this is the perfect place to be during the cold season.

Friendly Weather

Summers might be extreme, and the high temperatures between May and August add a bit of discomfort to many visitors. But winter in Phoenix is mild and the weather skirts around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, except January, when the temperatures might drop down to 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

5 Reasons Phoenix is the Perfect Place to Be in Winter

But, even with a less friendly January, winter in Phoenix gives people the chance to wander around the city and properly explore its surroundings.

Natural Beauty

Winter is planting season in Arizona, so visiting Phoenix and its surroundings this time of the year is a perfect choice for people who love nature and find themselves admiring the flowers, trees, and fields of green. Among the home garden essentials observed around the city are the charming petunias, marigolds, and snapdragons.

5 Reasons Phoenix is the Perfect Place to Be in Winter

But to have a memorable encounter with nature in the middle of the city, visiting the 140-acre Desert Botanical Garden, established in 1939, is a fantastic choice.

Urban Beauty

During the cold season, especially around Christmas, Phoenix surprises its inhabitants and visitors with charming lights, but nothing compares to what you get when visiting the Phoenix Zoo in winter. Though during the other seasons the animals at the zoo attract curious people, especially children, the winter zoo craze exists thanks to the fairy tale beauty created by the lights.

5 Reasons Phoenix is the Perfect Place to Be in Winter

In place from December through January, the zoo lights are one of the most popular Phoenix winter attractions for both kids and adults.

Amazing Hiking Opportunities

With its mild winter weather, more than 40,000 acres of parks and preserved land, famous sights like Camelback Mountain, and a multitude of memorable trails, Phoenix is a great destination for hiking aficionados who don’t want to wait for summer to hit the trails.

5 Reasons Phoenix is the Perfect Place to Be in Winter

To avoid the crowds, morning hikes are the best, but for nature lovers who want to capture Phoenix’s signature sherbet sky, sunset hiking adventures are a must.

5 Reasons Phoenix is the Perfect Place to Be in Winter

Explorers who are planning a group holiday in Phoenix and don’t want to travel in separate cars to their favorite touristic sights can always take advantage of group transportation services. This is a great way to stick together and not miss any of the fun.

Golf Heaven

With about 200 public golf courses which are watered and taken care of year-round, Phoenix is heaven for all gold aficionados. And, not only is winter milder and grass greener in Phoenix, but the city is also friendly to all budgets and skill levels when it comes to golf.

5 Reasons Phoenix is the Perfect Place to Be in Winter

So, enthusiasts can find many budget-friendly courses, like the Grand Canyon University Golf Course to more high-end courses where visitors can enjoy a lavish experience.

These are the five reasons why Phoenix is the perfect place in winter. There are, however, many more activities like cool museums, lovely shopping areas, and a multitude of restaurants that all visitors can enjoy during the winter months in this welcoming, cozy city.

By Rebecca Brown

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