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5 Simple Tips for Booking a Hotel Room at the Best Price

Planning a vacation can be stressful, especially when it comes to booking a hotel for a price that does not break the assigned budget. However, obviously none of us want to sacrifice safety or comfort. It’s a good idea to look for discounts not only on the hotel, but also other items you’ll be needing such as luggage or clothes – there are great offers at that will allow you to shop at a wide range of popular shops such as Kohl’s or Target, so it shouldn’t be difficult. So, how to get the best deal and enjoy your holiday at an affordable price in the best resort? Read on to learn more!

Remain Vigilant After Booking

The search for the lowest possible hotel price does not end after the accommodations have been booked. Savvy travelers know that price drops can happen at any time, so those who do not have the ambition to sit and continuously press the “refresh” button can head to sites like Tingo, that will re-book the room on your behalf when the price drops and credit money back into your account. They will also upgrade you, even when the room’s price hasn’t changed.

Negotiate Your Upgrades

If you start off by booking the fanciest room at the hotel, how will you find the wiggle room to negotiate for an upgrade? To get started, travelers should book a room with a lower rate and then commence to asking for an upgrade. By choosing off peak travel times, you increase your ability to obtain a better room, at a lower price. You can also ask to speak to a manager and try your best to sweet talk them into an upgrade.

Choose The Right Days For Booking

The timing of your booking is immensely important. The best time to book your hotel room is within 24 hours of the day that you plan to stay, as this is when hotels will typically slash their prices in hopes of filling spots that are currently vacant. Those who do not have the stomach to wait that long or take that sort of risk can use sites like to find available rooms well in advance.

Utilize The Available Rewards

There are numerous awards programs available to you, so be sure to use cash back websites and research the terms and conditions of your credit card. ShopDiscover offers their card holders a 5 percent discount when using Expedia and a number of other major credit card providers provide similar discounts. Be forewarned: credit card rewards offers are typically limited to card holders only.

Look Into Organizational Discounts

Did you know that you may qualify for deep discounts on your hotel room, simply by virtue of belonging to certain organizations? Those who are members of organizations such as AARP and AAA typically qualify for discounts, but it is important to research and check with any additional organizations you may be a member of, in order to find out more.

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