With winter quickly approaching, your mind is gradually beginning to shift to the different outdoor activities that you can take part in. While some will enjoy sitting inside by the fireplace sipping a cup of hot cocoa, that isn’t your style. You would much rather be out on the powder enjoying the snow. Snowboarding has become a wildly popular sport, and for good reason. People of all ages can enjoy it, and there are some great places around the country to visit and try out your skills. If you are looking for someplace new to snowboard this winter, here are five places that you really should consider.

Park City

Located not far from Salt Lake City, this is a beautiful part of the state that has many unique slopes you will enjoy snowboarding. You might remember this city from the fact that it helped host much of the Winter Olympics back in 2002. If it was good enough for those athletes, then it surely is good enough for you.

5 Snowboarding Destinations to Visit This Winter

Lake Tahoe

Do not let the name fool you. There is much more than water in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. This is a snowboarding destination right on the border of California and Nevada. It is unique in that it is a beach destination in the summer and a ski resort in the winter. So, you get the best of both worlds here. You will have the added benefit of being able to hike some great trails while you are there.

5 Snowboarding Destinations to Visit This Winter

Mammoth Lakes

This is another location that straddles both California and Nevada. It is a quaint town that has really become known for the strength of its powder. They build some great snowboarding runs every winter.

5 Snowboarding Destinations to Visit This Winter

Taos NM

The lone entrant from New Mexico on this list is certainly worth visiting. There is a lot of history in this region of the state. You will be able to do much more than just snowboarding when you are here.

5 Snowboarding Destinations to Visit This Winter

Billy Hathorn at en.wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0]


The state of Colorado has long been known for its ski resorts. Perhaps the best snowboarding destination in the region is Aspen. You will have well known landmarks and a lot of lodging opportunities here. Make sure that you buy quality snowboarding gear from trusted brands like Telemarkdown. Your clearance coat from Forever XXI may be cute, but it won’t keep you warm when you are snowboarding. You want to be comfortable while you are swooshing through the snow. These five places should really excite you. They each offer something a bit different for the average snowboarder. The scenery is idyllic, the lodging plentiful, and the snowboard runs stellar. There is not much more that you could ask for out of a winter holiday.

5 Snowboarding Destinations to Visit This Winter