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5 Things About Stockholm That Are Making it Number One City

The colorful facades and interesting buildings are part of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It is a place where you can enjoy the long walks on the streets and to admire the citizen beauty. Declared as the most populous city on the Scandinavian Peninsula, at his territory are living 22% of the populations in Sweden. Stockholm has rich history fulfill with pleasure that lies almost everywhere.

Making comparative analysis, Stockholm stands out from other cities and gets the first place, according to some research. Here are the facts that make this city the best:

1. Stockholm is home to the most hansom men of the world. In the capital of Sweden live many macho guys and the most girls are crazy over them. It is likely to find someone who will stole your heart, girls.

Image by Stina via Flickr

Image by Michael Caven via Flickr

2. That does not mean that there are no beautiful girls. Exactly the contrary. The abundance of beautiful women in the city gives the impression that you are in a reality show with top models. They are friendly and so attractive, of course.

Image by ashraful kadir via Flickr

3. Stockholm is at the top by getting the title as the most urban city. It is known as the city with urban and healthy environment, cultural and educated people, high economic value and sense of business. Stockholm was one of four cities in North America and Europe with the strongest economy.

Image by Michael Caven via Flickr

Image by Eugenijus Radlinskas via Flickr

Image by Asea! via Flickr

4. Stockholm is a comfortable city for living. Urbanization is a global trend and again Stockholm has the lead.

5. Stockholm is also appointed as ecological capital of Europe. This city gone so much furthest in finding solutions for traffic jam, air pollution and clearing the garbage.

So, there is no wonder why the Stockholm is called “Capital of Scandinavia”.

Image by Román Emin via Flickr

Image by Neil Howard via Flickr

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